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2023 Gold Jewelry Trends with May Is Gold Month

May is Gold Month is back and it seems like just yesterday I was coordinating gold looks for this feature.This collaboration has been a staple in my content, as I’ve been doing so since 2014! I love looking back at MIGM posts from the… Read More

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Gem Gossip Challenge – Jewelry Calendar of Themes

Every year, as a new year approaches, I try to think of some goals to accomplish. These usually end up not going very far or become a waste of time. This year I tried something new – I created a challenge to push myself to create content for 30… Read More

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My Jewel Box – A Special 38th Birthday Locket

The years keep flying by and I just looked back on my blog to see when the first “birthday jewel” was revealed here on this page. So funny to see just how long ago that was — I turned 26, so the year was 2010 and I received a… Read More

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Britt Moore Fine Jewelry’s Directions Ring

This has been a tough year for me in so many ways. I was recently asked about my take on the power of jewelry and what that looks like for me, and as I was constructing my answer I realized just how powerful jewelry can be. Throughout my struggles,… Read More

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My New Obsession for a Summer Bracelet Stack

It always starts with one! In this case, last year during the pandemic Scosha had just released their signature nylon bracelet in FINE, meaning the findings were made of 10k gold. Most of their cord bracelets are made of vermeil hardware and I’ve been obsessed with them since… Read More

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Sophie Gardner Jewelry’s Hand-Carved Figas

Figas are just one of my ultimate jewelry obsessions. My collection has grown and grown over the years, thanks to many antique dealers that know my love for them and often save them for me. I’m noticed recently that they are becoming harder to find and I’ve… Read More