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Discussion – What’s a Jewelry Trend You Bought Into and Now Regret

What’s a jewelry trend you bought into and now regret?  A seemingly innocent question which raised LOTS of response from my jewelry loving audience. It was so interesting to freely discuss this topic and also know… Read More

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Tips & Tricks – How to Photograph Jewelry Using an iPhone

Recently I was asked to share my tips and tricks to photographing jewelry using an iPhone and to share my knowledge in a webinar format. Jewelers Circle is an amazing online tool that features a marketplace where jewelry industry insiders can go to trade, buy and sell fine… Read More

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20 Gem Facts Featuring the Best Gemstones

Earlier this year I dedicated 20 days over on Instagram to posting gemstone facts and it was so fun! I randomly picked the gemstones that would be featured — most of them are my favorites, mixed in with some that I find truly fascinating. I love the educational side… Read More

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Demystifying Opal — What is Boulder Opal

One of my favorite gemstones is OPAL — so it comes as no surprise I often sell lots of opal pieces over on shopGemGossip. Recently, I sold out of the boulder opal pendants I posted, which gained a lot of attention for their beauty but also a… Read More

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5 Easy Steps to Insure the Jewelry that Means the Most to You

Many people are aware they should insure their jewelry, but may fear the task of another policy or payment to worry about, or they assume that it is included in their homeowner’s insurance policy. And while nobody plans to lose their jewelry, it happens to the best of us. Read More

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Why the Jewelry Industry Needs to Join Tik Tok & Ten Best Tips

We’re 150 or so days deep into quarantine, so by now you may or may not have fallen into the black hole that is Tik Tok. In my opinion, it is more addicting than any other social media app out there and is able to waste time at dangerously… Read More