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Jewelry Road Trip series

Gem Gossip Visits Marisa Perry in NYC

The last stop on my New York City #JewelryRoadTrip was to Marisa Perry Atelier to get some serious diamond time and learn about all that this fine diamond boutique has to offer! Since opening in 2002 it has been NYC's go-to destination for engagement rings and I quickly learned why... Read More

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Jewelry Road Trip series

Gem Gossip Visits Love Adorned in NYC

Our next stop in NYC is to Love Adorned in Nolita, a shop with some of the most talented designers and a fun mix of vintage jewelry. Store owner Lori Leven has a knack for curating and many items are found on her travels all around the world. Take a look inside this store that will have you booking a trip to NYC just to visit... Read More

Jewelry Road Trip series

Gem Gossip Visits CHARMCO in NYC

Our next stop on our NYC trip was to Charmco -- the number one destination for vintage and new charms to collect and covet. Charms are a favorite of mine and the same can be said for many other jewelry lovers, so I was so excited to meet the mother - daughter duo behind the brand and see first-hand ALL THE CHARMS... Read More

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Jewelry Road Trip series

Gem Gossip Visits Vale Jewelry in NYC

My next stop while in NYC takes me to the iconic diamond district where twin sisters Ava & Eva have a design studio where all things Vale Jewelry happen. The dainty and delicate jewelry line has evolved over the years and now has expanded with lots of designs -- come take a look... Read More

Jewelry Road Trip series

Gem Gossip Visits Macklowe Gallery in NYC

Today we head to Park Avenue in NYC and visit Macklowe Gallery, where Benjamin and Hillary Macklowe specialize in French Art Nouveau antique jewelry, Tiffany lamps and glassware, and much more. A gallery unlike any other, you'll love their new space which opened about a year ago, as they continue their nearly 50 years in the business... Read More

Jewelry Road Trip series

Gem Gossip Visits Ray Griffiths in NYC

After years of wanting to meet Ray Griffiths, I finally got my chance on this trip to New York City! Take a look as I go behind-the-scenes and explore his jewelry designs at his 5th Avenue studio. I try on lots of jewels and talk about how he started it all... Read More