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Britt Moore Fine Jewelry’s Directions Ring


This has been a tough year for me in so many ways. I was recently asked about my take on the power of jewelry and what that looks like for me, and as I was constructing my answer I realized just how powerful jewelry can be. Throughout my struggles, I’ve leaned on jewelry to help get me through — sometimes very subtly or even unconsciously, while other times I purposefully seek out a piece.

I’ve always loved jewelry. I can remember back as early as 4 years old, digging through my mom’s jewelry box, looking at the “diamonds” page of my family’s encyclopedia books, and convincing my parents to let me get my ears pierced. My obsession with jewelry is the reason why I started a blog about jewelry in 2008 which ultimately changed the course of my life. But it wasn’t until I started collecting jewelry in order to represent and mark special milestones and moments in my life that I realized the POWER of jewelry. A chain that my dad used to wear, my grandparents’ wedding bands, little mini rings worn on a long chain each representing a year of marriage, a David Webb panther bracelet as my “push present” to represent my son, and an amethyst padlock I bought a few days after I found out I was pregnant again. At that point, this amethyst talisman was the only thing that got me through my miscarriage, as I wore it to a few difficult doctors appointments. My jewelry became my life’s story, my armor, and that’s one of the most powerful traits that jewelry can hold.

When I came across the Directions ring by Britt Moore Jewelry, the stars aligned and something inside me felt like this ring needed to be in my collection. It was posted on her Instagram page with the caption, “Your direction matters more than how fast you get there.” Now, I’m not one to obsess over quotes or save them onto a Pinterest board, but this just spoke to me and I read it at a time I needed to hear that most. Such a powerful sentence and it resonated more than anything I was told recently. This ring will act as a reminder to keep going…to stay positive.

I can already feel the power of this special piece as I decided to start house hunting in September, sort of on a whim…mostly craving a change, but also realizing that certain plans and goals I had once set shouldn’t be set in stone. A month later and we’ve not only found a home that we can see ourselves in for a very long time, but we’ve also sold ours and ready to begin all the fun paperwork that buying and selling entails. I’ve had the Directions rings on my pointer finger, pointing upward this whole time and I can’t help but think this has guided me throughout the whole process.

Britt’s work is inspiring and symbolic. If there’s a new designer out there that deserves to be seen, it is her!

In her own words, “I turned to jewelry making as an artistic outlet while working as a sustainability engineer. The small role I played in a large operation left me feeling disconnected from my creativity. At night I took a lost wax jewelry workshop at a premier jewelry design studio in Santa Monica, CA. Eventually I was selected to be a jewelry design apprentice at that particular design studio. There I gained in depth knowledge on precious stones and metals and techniques. A couple of years later, I developed my own line.”

On inspiration: “From astronomy to ancient architecture and tribal artifacts, I draw inspiration from many facets of our mysterious universe. The unknowingness of where I am taking a design is what drives me to see a project into fruition. After I finish a piece, I sit with it and allow for its name and meaning to be heard. Jewelry making empowers me to transform abstract feelings and thoughts into wearable art. Currently, I am adding new pieces to existing collections in addition to one of a kind rings and necklaces. I primarily work in recycled 14kt gold and precious stones. The hand crafted quality of my work allows for perfect imperfections so that no two pieces are the same. Each piece is hand sculpted and finished in my Santa Monica based studio.”

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