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My Jewel Box – A Special 38th Birthday Locket

Art Nouveau locket

The years keep flying by and I just looked back on my blog to see when the first “birthday jewel” was revealed here on this page. So funny to see just how long ago that was — I turned 26, so the year was 2010 and I received a special antique watch and platinum Art Deco ring. You can read the blog post here. This blog has always been like a jewelry diary for me, documenting my finds, my milestones and how I celebrated each special moment with jewelry.

This year was no different – year 37 started out with selling our home and then finding a new one shortly after that…followed by a miscarriage and rough few months of misdiagnoses. We were told to hold off on trying again until more tests could be run…but that advice came a little too late! As I flew off to Arizona for the big gem show, I had no idea a miracle was happening inside of me. It was incredible but also terrifying. I didn’t want to lose another after already losing two. Most of my 1st trimester involved nausea that started around noon and never subsided until the next morning. My due date was calculated to October 23rd which made me smile because that is my Gram’s birthday – she was recovering from a stroke and really excited to hear the news. My other grandma was elated by the news as well, however she passed away in August from several cancers that had unknowingly infested her body and everything sort of escalated quickly. I was thankful I got to see her when she still felt well in May.

After all that, I was happy to celebrate a new year turning 38 and hoping to put everything behind me and have a great year. I knew this year deserved something special and I had my eye on this particular locket for awhile after seeing it on Joden‘s Instagram awhile back – but thought for sure it had sold. It checked so many boxes for me, especially the sapphires being my birthstone and when of my favorite gems. I don’t have too many Art Nouveau pieces and the history of this piece really captivated me. On top of all that, it came with a matching necklace that the locket can clip on and off from. My plan is to put the baby’s newborn photos in it – I have a locket dedicated to Gino and I love his, but I wanted something just to commemorate the new baby.

Hope to treasure this special piece for years to come!