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Rings & Things — Favorites from NEWTWIST

NEWTW!ST is offering an epic giveaway which you can enter all month long. Get all the details on how you can win a $1000 gift card for a piece of jewelry of your dreams... Read More

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One to Follow — Estate Diamond Jewelry

Instagram engagement has been a tricky thing to tackle lately, but our friends over at Estate Diamond Jewelry consistently post beautiful and engaging content. We take a look at one thing they are doing and let you know why they are this month's One To Follow... Read More

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One to Follow — Vale Jewelry

Vale Jewelry is the force behind our sudden shift from diamond engagement rings to colored gems and the twin sister duo behind the brand has created some gorgeous pieces! We've chosen them as our latest "One to Follow" and we're going to tell you why... Read More

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One to Follow — Soho Gem

Soho Gem is a boutique jewelry store in New York City’s SoHo district (my personal favorite area to stay when visiting the city)! I have enjoyed learning about the store, its traditions and what makes this boutique special after working with them for… Read More

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One To Follow — @DanaSengJewelry

Dana Seng Jewelry is the highly personalized jewelry line out of LA that has admirers hitting “like” after every Instagram post. The stacks on stacks on stacks theme is heavily used throughout Dana’s feed and keeps people coming back for more. As an… Read More

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One to Follow — @newtwiststore

I’ve been noticing more and more jewelry stores across the US starting to focus solely on social media, a category of business that once was not thought of as being serious, let alone needing a full-time, specialized department for it. But now more than ever, with brick… Read More