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Acanthus Jewelry Launches Bridal Line

It took me several years after starting my blog and becoming a part of the jewelry industry before realizing that bridal jewelry, i. e. engagement rings and wedding bands, are often kept in their own realm apart from jewelry in general. Bridal jewelry has their own trends,… Read More

Engagement/Wedding Rings

Top Five Engagement Ring Trends for 2020 with Sylvie Collection

SPONSORED Can you believe we are about to enter a whole new decade? So crazy — excited for what is to come and as we look into the future, it is always nice to have some predictions. A big question is what trends we will be… Read More

Engagement/Wedding Rings

Add Color to Your Stack with Sylvie Collection

SPONSORED Do you remember the days when you used to catch yourself admiring your own wedding ring situation? I do! Especially the first few months of wearing my engagement ring. Now, however, I noticed far too many people getting bored or… Read More

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Engagement/Wedding Rings

My Top Five Favorite Engagement Rings from Sylvie Collection

SPONSORED October always reminds me of love, new beginnings and weddings (my wedding was on October 21, 2015). This time of year I always like to revisit engagement ring styles, scoping out the latest trends and seeing what brides are wanting. Just as much as ring selfies were so very… Read More

Engagement/Wedding Rings

Jewelry Styling for a Nashville Photoshoot

I was a part of a styled wedding shoot earlier this year, and I wanted to show you the photos! The shoot was not a real wedding; but all the vendors that were involved are some of the best Nashville has to offer — so if you’re… Read More

Engagement/Wedding Rings

Newly Launched Sparkle Cut Diamonds Wants You to Rethink 4 C’s

Introducing Sparkle Cut Diamonds -- a brand new company that is having consumers rethink the 4 C's and focus on their mantra: the 3 S's Size, Shape and SPARKLE! They've invented a new nano-technology that cuts microscopic grooves into the pavilion of diamonds, making them sparkle 50-100% more than before. Let's learn about this cutting edge brand... Read More