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My Jewel Box

Why I Wear Diamonds: A Look Inside My Diamond Jewelry Collection

After collecting jewelry for most of my life, I’ve recently realized the reason why the majority of my collection consists of diamonds. I have gone through phases where I buy and acquire, collecting several pieces at once…followed by a breakthrough period where I sell, purge and stash away. Read More

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My Jewel Box

Late Summer Update from Gem Gossip

I’ve been getting ready for a big trunk show that I’m doing up in Boston on September 7th at M. Flynn, so all the new acquisitions are killing me. So many great pieces I want to keep for myself! These three are my current favorites and I think they… Read More

My Jewel Box

Top Gold Jewelry Trends for 2017, with May Is Gold Month

This is my fourth year partnering with May Is Gold Month and I think it goes without saying that I love all things karat gold! In preparing for this trend post, I thought it would be a good idea to spread out almost all… Read More

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Celebrate GOLD with May Is Gold Month and Me!

We are kicking off our May Is Gold Month partnership with a fun video to introduce you to what we’ll be covering over the next month and get you pumped! I know I love all things karat gold, so I’m totally excited. What I love most about… Read More

Engagement/Wedding Rings

An Alternative Engagement Ring + Custom Top Notch Faceting Sapphire

Back in July of last year I alerted my readers to my search for an alternative, more “user-friendly” engagement ring for everyday wear. I also penned a “Rules of Engagement” blog post which generated a lot of feedback and I enjoyed hearing everyone’s take on something… Read More

My Jewel Box

My Jewel Box: What I Bought In Tucson & Miami 2017

Hey guys & gals.  hahaha I’ve never started a blog post like that before. Should I just leave it? Ok, I will.  Here is the long overdue blog post about the items I brought back from my trips to Tucson & Miami. Anytime I go to a jewelry… Read More