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Top Three Ring Purchases from 2019 & More

Something I’ve been doing since 2015 was asking everyone on Instagram what are their top three ring purchases (#GemGossiptop3) from the year? It’s not only a really fun activity (to scroll through and read about each person’s acquisitions) but a great way to reflect on the… Read More

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Gem Gossip 30 Day Challenge #2

All October long I’ve been posting one ring per day from my personal collection and giving you its backstory. This mostly entails where I got it from, if it signifies anything special, or any other interesting tidbit about it. I really enjoyed doing this project back in 2017, which is… Read More

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Send Always Aleda Your Charms & She’ll Make You a Charm Bracelet

It was a chilly day in October when I realized I had become a charm hoarder. I didn’t think I had a problem…and my collection always seemed to be under control…it just all sort of dawned on me one day. The symptoms include: not knowing when/where you bought… Read More

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Gem Gossip 30 Day Challenge Featuring Rings & Their Stories

Back in 2017 I came up with a fun challenge to pose to my followers — it was called the #GG30DayChallenge. Aside from a few photos from the TV show Gossip Girl, the hashtag was ready for anyone who also wanted to play along. The premise of the hashtag was… Read More

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My Elongated Diamond Ring Collection

My collection — realizing I need more fingers This was the photo posted on Anderson’s Jewelers Instagram which I saw & bought the ring in the middle It is no surprise, if you’ve followed me for awhile you know my obsession with… Read More

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My Jewel Box — Oh Baby, Gino Has Arrived

He’s here! It seems surreal, but I am now officially a mom! Anthony Gino was born on May 31st in the afternoon and weighed 7 lbs 4 oz, measured 19 inches long. All of the waiting, planning and anticipation seemed to freeze in time as he was placed… Read More