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Wedding Jewels – My Sister’s Bridal Jewelry

My sister Alisha recently got married on September 22, 2022. I was really excited to have helped my sister with her wedding day jewels and her husband Caleb with creating her ideal engagement ring/wedding band. The engagement ring and wedding band were something… Read More

Weekday Wardrobe

20 Days of Jewelry Style Challenge

I decided to do a fun challenge at the beginning of the new year after receiving feedback from everyone. You all were wanting to see more personal styling of jewelry on my page and how I wear pieces from my own personal collection, so I decided to challenge myself!… Read More

Weekday Wardrobe

Weekday Wardrobe — Same But Different

 I wanted to take some time out from the whirlwind week and make sure I styled a ring look for the day, and document it to hold myself accountable for that goal. So here is a roundup of all my looks for the week, Monday-Friday. Read More

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Weekday Wardrobe

Weekday Wardrobe — New Favorites

Since coming back from Vegas and NYC, my days have been long and filled with writing and running all kinds of errands. From Sunday morning brunches, to post office runs, to family dinners, my style has been changing daily and almost always depends on what I have planned. Read More

Weekday Wardrobe

Weekday Wardrobe — When Shoes Are Just As Important As Rings

If you know me or read my blog, it is apparent that I love jewelry, especially rings. When it comes to fashion–like clothing and accessories–I’m the type of person to look for a deal or purchase online at places that feature trendy clothing mostly under $100, often called… Read More

Weekday Wardrobe

Weekday Wardrobe — Accessorizing Rings & Clutches

Lately I’ve been all about wearing my newest addition to my necklace collection–this 14k yellow gold thick collar that I picked up from Arrow & Anchor Antiques. We did a trunk show together and of course, ended up buying something from her gorgeous selection. When you’re a jewelry lover… Read More