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2023 Gold Jewelry Trends with May Is Gold Month

MIGM | Gem Gossip

MIGM | Gem Gossip

MIGM | Gem Gossip

MIGM | Gem Gossip

MIGM | Gem Gossip

May is Gold Month is back and it seems like just yesterday I was coordinating gold looks for this feature.This collaboration has been a staple in my content, as I’ve been doing so since 2014! I love looking back at MIGM posts from the past to see how my karat gold jewelry collection has grown and evolved. Some pieces get sold, others get acquired…it is a golden cycle that keeps spinning each year.

Each year, the MIGM team and I like to create an overarching theme and this year’s is right on par with “my village.” The theme is superheroes and the notion that not all heroes wear capes. We, as women, take on a lot of roles and wear different hats on a daily basis – we are always juggling, kicking ass, and taking names. We do this as mothers, as employees, as students, as a member of society, as a partner, as a friend, and we never stop! Our gold jewelry comes along for the ride and gets changed as much as our roles change, while wearing all the different hats.

Sometimes our jewelry acts as an armor of protection and we dress accordingly  to the day ahead…sometimes our jewelry acts as our display of creativity, or a display of our memories and emotions. Some days, my jewelry comes along with me in this season of motherhood — I have pieces that represent each child and bare ears (to diminish any pulling accidents from tiny, grabby hands).

This year’s theme pulls at my heartstrings and I know all of you can attest to your gold jewelry serving many purposes and categorized based on your multitude of roles.  I can’t wait to see all of your karat gold and how/where you wear them, as well as how these pieces make you feel and prepare you for all the things you do in a day. Do you want to feel strong? Wear your bold gold statement ring. Do you want to feel sentimental? Wear a piece of gold jewelry that connects you to loved ones. Do you want to have extra luck today? Wear that lucky gold talisman charm you’ve had since college. I’m so excited to talk about all things gold every week and get everyone to participate in showing me their gold like years in the past, focusing on what you’re wearing in real time.

With each week during May Is Gold Month, I’ll showcase and discuss the weekly trend by sharing what it is and give a few pointers on how you can style pieces within each trend category. May Is Gold Month will also provide some “golden deals” on pieces of gold jewelry from each trend category from retailers they’ve partnered with from the jewelry industry. So be sure you’re following along with May is Gold Month on their social media platforms.

Ok lastly, here are this year’s gold jewelry trends from May is Gold Month and ways I’ve styled each one. Let this help you plan your posts over on Instagram and don’t forget to use the hashtag #ShowMeYourGold when sharing.

MIGM | Gem Gossip

Week One: Gold Bracelets

My left wrist has been decked out in karat gold bangles this entire past year, as I’ve finally caught up with having one represent each year I’ve been with Matt, my husband, with the addition of a birthstone bangle for each child. I wear a mix of Yearly Co. bangles and vintage bangles and although I never know what bangle I’m going to add to my stack each October, I know the larger it grows the more memories it holds. Gino and Vinny love touching my bangle stack, and I really like their two birthstones together – emerald for Gino and green tourmaline for Vinny. I get asked often about my wave bangle – it is vintage and it used to have a hook closure. I brought it to a jeweler who fused it shut without an opening, so it is officially a bangle and this year I decided to start adding diamonds in the waves for special occasions I want to commemorate. Can’t wait to see your bracelet stacks!

MIGM | Gem Gossip

Week Two: Gold Rings

I love a good theme or motif and I’ve become quite fond of celestial jewelry! I’m showing off all my celestial-themed rings, all of which feature karat gold. The pointer is an intarsia piece that I paired with a turquoise carved moonface, both found in Tucson and made by Parle Gems. The next ring has an orbit motif and features some diamonds, by Luis Rebuffo, as well as this antique star ring I got from Ishy Antiques. My ring finger has one of my all-time favorite gold rings, from Amanda Hunt Jewelry. The pinky ring is a holy grail piece because it has a guilloche sunshine with stars, as well as a hidden engraving on the inside shank – “BT 1912” – how dreamy?!

MIGM | Gem Gossip

Week Three: Gold Hoops

Hoops are my nemesis and most favorite type of earring. I desperately want to wear them all day, every day but motherhood and a 5 month old tell me otherwise. When I’m in this season of my life, I long to buy so many fun hoop styles … only to realize I can’t wear them just yet!  I feel like it took a good 2 years into being a mom when I felt comfortable enough to wear hoops without feeling like they would immediately get ripped out of my ear. As soon as I get any chance to have a lunch date or go somewhere sans children, the first thing I reach for is MY HOOPS! Who else?

MIGM | Gem Gossip

Week Four: Gold Necklaces

This year’s hottest chain style – the trombone link!  I’m excited to not only own one but I sell these too. It marries two ideas beautifully – bold & chic. I like attaching a cool pendant to the clasp to give it its own spotlight. I’ve posted about my special rondelle chain many times, so I’ll spare you the details – but my new favorite way of wearing it is by adding my Circa1700 hand clasp and doubling it around my neck. It gives it such a different look than just wearing it long. This past year I’ve added plain gold rondelles with special addresses engraved on them, as well as one that is two rings intertwined by Charlie and Marcelle.

MIGM | Gem Gossip

Week Five: Gold Earrings

I’ve added some fun karat gold studs to my repertoire and I have a few more on my wish list! Since I can’t wear dangly earrings or hoops at the moment with a baby, I’ve been all about gold studs. I’ve been on the hunt for some cute single stone stud earrings and I’m wanting them to all match, for all three piercings I have. Would love to hear your suggestions and can’t wait to see all your gold earrings this week!

MIGM | Gem Gossip

Week Six: Men’s Gold

My husband has a new karat gold pendant that he absolutely loves – it is this gold bar with one side engraved Gino and the other engraved Vinny. The gold bar pendant was a vintage find and the beautiful engraving was done by Gem Steady. He wears it on a mini bar chain and layers it with his other necklaces and chains. Someone asked how he decides which side to face forward – and right now, he’s been wearing “Gino” forward facing because Gino likes reading his name and he’s at the age where he can spell out his name. I know once the boys are older they will be fighting for their name to be showing haha.

This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with May Is Gold Month.

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