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Incredible Moonstone Jewels from Mark Henry Jewelry

When I think about my favorite gemstones, moonstones are definitely high up on that list (because that list is loooong). As much as I love vintage and antique moonstone jewelry, it is getting harder to find in many regards – first off, finding moonstones that… Read More

Designer Jewelry

Holiday ’22 Jewel Drop #2 – Nathalie Siman Jewelry

Putting together these special Friday Holiday Jewel Drops has been so fun!  Our first drop happened last Friday and it was the Custom Photo Charms. Today I’m featuring a special designer whose work I absolutely love — Nathalie Siman. She is based out of Guatemala and has been… Read More

Designer Jewelry

Louison Rare + Fine Protection Collection – Italian Gold Medallions

I am beyond excited to talk about this very special piece of jewelry that was made just for my son, Gino. As an Italian-American, I noticed a void in the American jewelry market for old school Italian religious medals — these heirloom pieces that we would receive… Read More

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with Heather B. Moore Jewelry

SPONSORED How is it already my second Mother’s Day?! I never knew how much one’s heart goes into overdrive once you become a mother until recently. It’s like my heart has mini explosions throughout each day — sometimes out of love, sometimes out of simply… Read More

Designer Jewelry

Designer Spotlight — Sea Pony Couture

I’m currently writing this blog post amongst a sea of mess and chaos. My house is a complete disaster and I’m trying to reorganize my office before the holiday madness, but I had to stop and shout it from the rooftop how excited I am about this… Read More

Designer Jewelry

Opal Obsession — The Newest Parle Gems x Gem Gossip Collaboration

Exactly one year ago I launched my first collaboration with gemstone experts Parle Gems. Our focus was on Intarsia because of my obsession with this intricate gemstone inlay artistry and they had a bunch sitting in their vault, waiting to come to life! Now we’re… Read More