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Gem Gossip Launches Fine Jewelry Collection on QVC

Growing up with an obsession for jewelry in the late 80s/early 90s had limited resources to learn from (no internet or computer) so when I discovered @qvc in my middle school years, it was everything! I would… Read More


Quarantine Connection — Jewelry Purchases that Comforted Us All

In times of unknown or uncertainty, sometimes it is something as simple as a piece of jewelry that helps heal, comfort and connect us all. I’ve noticed a trend…a small surge in interest in jewelry, whether that’s for educational or buying purposes I’m not sure, but people are flocking… Read More


Valentine’s Day Giveaway with BHOJWANI

A Special Valentine’s Giveaway In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I’ve partnered with BHOJWANI for a fun giveaway. One winner will receive these 18k yellow gold red enamel heart stud earrings, valued at $495. There’s still time to enter — I’m choosing a winner on FRIDAY, Valentine’s Day at… Read More

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12 Days of Giveaways — Holiday 2019

Happy Holidays from My Family to Yours! Just like last year, I’ve teamed up with 12 designers/stores/antique dealers to bring you our biggest back-to-back giveaways ever! We are doing 12 Days of Giveaways, starting December 1st and will be announcing a different giveaway every other day. In total we will… Read More


Gem Gossip Rainbow Project

Postpartum can be a whole lot of emotions, both good and bad…creative and noncreative…forward and backward…and every which way! It has taken me awhile to adjust to things since having Gino especially with the type of personality I have. I’m the kind of person… Read More


Giveaway with Ochre Objects

Omg I have been so wrapped up in all things baby, motherhood and trying to survive a newborn that I totally forgot that Gem Gossip turns 11 years old this month! Luckily the month isn’t over just yet and I didn’t completely forget — so I’ve put together a… Read More