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My New Obsession for a Summer Bracelet Stack

Summer bracelets

It always starts with one! In this case, last year during the pandemic Scosha had just released their signature nylon bracelet in FINE, meaning the findings were made of 10k gold. Most of their cord bracelets are made of vermeil hardware and I’ve been obsessed with them since forever. I had to have one, so I jumped at the opportunity and got a red one with a diamond button. I wore this thing morning, noon and night. It got more wear than my engagement ring and most of my jewelry collection, to be honest. That got me thinking — what is it about this bracelet that I love so much? Is it the fact that I can wear it in the shower and to bed, and it doesn’t bother me? Do I like that pop of bright red against my wrist? Does it remind me of early 2000s when these types of bracelets were at their peak in popularity?

I decided then and there that these nylon and silk cord bracelets were my new obsession and wanted to add some more to my right-hand wrist stack. This felt very summery to me and perfect timing with my first beach vacation in over 5 years. Before going on this family vacation, I banned myself from buying any jewelry for an entire month. It was definitely hard to do and of course I failed because I ended up buying the second addition to my wrist stack during that month — the neon orange G bracelet from K Kane Jewelry. I discovered K Kane Jewelry after my friend Jenn of @bellflowerbay sent me a link to their website. She thought it was neat that a jewelry brand had her last name and we both agreed that it was actually a fun brand! I fell in love with their Chain Letter Neon bracelets. You can choose any letter (there’s also a few symbols) which is solid 14k gold and a cord color, for only $88. I love mine and again, so comfortable to wear, I haven’t taken it off and even wore it to the beach. I also bought one for a friend — they make great gifts!

I was really loving these two bracelets together and although I don’t wear warm colors in jewelry — like reds, oranges and yellows — I sort of loved trying this new color combo after staying away from it for so long. While at the beach, we visited some local shops where I found a bunch of cheap, touristy jewelry. I had been hoping to find a wide braided bracelet in colors that complemented the two I already had, so I bought the one shown in the photo. I just love the colors in this bracelet.

The last bracelet I added to my stack was a purchase that I made sitting at our hotel room balcony, slightly tipsy and enjoying the Florida breeze. Luis Morais is a designer I’ve been a huge fan of for awhile and I love his beaded bracelets, especially since most of them have a 14k gold component to them — whether it’s a gold bead or gold finding. I bought a bracelet that had red beads to go with my current stack and the fact that it also had a yellow gold bead with turquoise made it an instant YES.  I found it on Twist’s website, as they carry a great selection of Luis Morais, plus I wanted to support a store that I love. They had lightning fast shipping and the bracelet was at my doorstep right when we got home.

So what do you think of this fun wrist stack? Also would love to hear any jewelry brands that you love that make nylon or silk cord bracelets — always wanting to add to my collection and am currently hunting for more!