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Jewelry Shows

Couture Gold Trends 2013 #LoveGold

Jewelry designers sure know how to put on a show! The vibe at Couture this year was off the charts–creative, fresh, unique and extraordinary were each and every design. The necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings were extremely inventive, almost to where fashion editors and press were left needing… Read More

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Jewelry Shows

SHOW ME YOUR RINGS! Special Couture Edition!

{from top to bottom: a sparkly vortex–me and Arrow & Anchor Antiques in mostly vintage or antique Tamar of Arik Kastan in all Arik Kastan, plus contemplating a Gem Gossip ring ONE for the pinky! my friend Jeremy needed a… Read More

Designer Jewelry

Jemma Wynne at Couture 2013

Couture can also be called Heaven.  Why?  Because it is where one can not only try on, touch, feel, play, stack up the jewels that may not be accessible on a regular basis, but one can also meet the… Read More

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Jewelry Shows

Highlights from Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show #LoveGold

This year’s Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show was bustling with buyers and I was there to scope out the best gold pieces I could find!  After walking up and down several aisles, I quickly recognized a front-runner amongst the crowd–bold, festoon necklaces.  And what… Read More

Jewelry Shows

Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2013

The Miami Beach Antique Show was a fun and memorable trip this year! This was the first time ever going to a jewelry show on the first day of opening rather than the tail end of the event. The show had a large turnout–with crowds of people… Read More

Jewelry Shows

Miami Antique Jewelry Show October 2012

After experiencing Miami for the first time earlier this year, I said I couldn’t wait to go back. Well, I did–I attended the October show of Miami Beach Antique Watch & Jewelry Show. Had so much fun going with my friend Brooke where we… Read More