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Couture Gold Trends 2013 #LoveGold

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Jewelry designers sure know how to put on a show! The vibe at Couture this year was off the charts–creative, fresh, unique and extraordinary were each and every design. The necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings were extremely inventive, almost to where fashion editors and press were left needing to create a new word to describe some of the pieces! Like, what do you call a ring that spans the length of your entire finger, is also flexible and set in gemstones? Or a chain necklace that wraps around your neck, drapes down and around your stomach? Although word-invention is not my thing, trend-spotting is! Here are the top five gold trends I saw while at Couture!

1. Double finger & flexible rings: One ring, two fingers–it has actually been around for centuries, however the past five years designers have been bringing the trend back! Lately, the comfort of these types of rings has been perfected, so now it is easy to wear one without it getting in the way. A favorite flexible example is Borgioni’s snake ring made of 18k yellow gold, seen here, I am wearing both their double finger snake ring and their long, flexible knuckle ring.

2. Stackable collections: stacking rings has continued to be a major trend, but this time designers are taking it into their own hands by creating collections that stack well together. Ron Hami created the Orighami and Bar Collection for women to stack and collect. Seen here in 18k yellow gold and stacked to perfection!

3. Geometric designs: shapes were everywhere! Many designers even based their entire collection on one shape alone! My favorite had to be Octium’s use of an octagon–their open metal work creates a cool look, and all gold or pave diamonds are the two choices, both in 18k yellow gold.

4. Bangles: fun, lightweight, stackable bangles were a big trend at Couture. Designers got crafty when using gold, opting for cut-outs or open-work to keep costs down for the consumer. Jemma Wynne has some amazing cuffs done in 18k yellow gold with various choices for end pieces (like gold shapes, different gemstones) which finish off the bracelet.

5. Shield rings: for a bold look, shield motif rings in yellow gold are very popular. Designer Mizuki had some amazing new pieces that I couldn’t stop thinking about! Seen here are three different designs from Mizuki, each elongated on the finger and having a structured, yellow gold style. These are done in 18k yellow gold, with or without diamonds.

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