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Jemma Wynne at Couture 2013

photo AZURITE EARS jwb165-az leb101




Couture can also be called Heaven.  Why?  Because it is where one can not only try on, touch, feel, play, stack up the jewels that may not be accessible on a regular basis, but one can also meet the designer(s) behind a brand.  Jemma Wynne was on my list of jewelry lines I was dying to see in person, and as a bonus, got to meet the wonderful duo who created it–Stephanie & Jenny.  Double bonus was meeting Jemma Wynne’s sales director, Meaghan, whom I’ve interviewed before

I also got to check out their collection featuring a gemstone that is amazingly beautiful, and slightly mysterious. Not many jewelry designers use it and maybe that is why every piece sold within the first day of the show!  It is AZURITE and paired with diamonds and gold, it is one-of-a-kind!  These pieces are guarenteed to turn heads and have people asking, “What gemstone is that?! I’ve never seen that before!!”

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