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Jewelry Shows

JCK Luxury Correspondent Laura Tedesco

This year’s festivities in Vegas were a no-go–and instead of wishing I could have gone, I took some action and elected Laura Tedesco of Laura Tedesco Jewellery Design to be my jewel-spotting correspondent. She filled my inbox with cool photos and did an awesome job finding the… Read More

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Jewelry Shows

Preview JCK Show 2012

So incredibly disappointed I won’t be able to attend the JCK Vegas Show this year.  I will have to reminisce about last year I guess.  The lookbook that was put together to highlight some of the exhibitors is dripping with jewels–so many up-and-coming designers to look forward to!… Read More

Jewelry Shows

Miami Antique Show 2012

The Miami Antique Show was extremely amazing and fun in so many ways. Around every corner there were the most beautiful things you’ve ever laid eyes on! From the rows and rows of antique rings, to a booth full of huge fancy colored diamonds, to unbelievably… Read More

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Jewelry Shows

Tucson Gem Show 2012

I was pumped to have the opportunity to check out the Tucson Gem Show this year, since I’ve always wanted to go since I could remember. My visualization of what it would be like actually was very similar–warm, desert landscape with tons of exhibitors who each have the… Read More

Jewelry Shows

My Jewel Box: JCK Vegas Antique Show

The JCK Vegas jewelry show was amazing, and although the main goal was to buy for Walton’s Antique Jewelry where I work, it would be a shame if I didn’t buy anything for myself!  I believe it is actually impossible to go there without buying… Read More

Jewelry Shows

Las Vegas Jewelry Show Purchases for Waltons

Shot some photos when I had the chance on Friday at work.  The jewelry show in Vegas was amazing, overwhelming, fun and a huge success.  We bought the best antique earrings possible.  We also accomplished our goal of finding a 2 carat diamond engagement ring.  More about the… Read More