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SHOW ME YOUR RINGS! Special Couture Edition!

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{from top to bottom:

a sparkly vortex–me and Arrow & Anchor Antiques in mostly vintage or antique

Tamar of Arik Kastan in all Arik Kastan, plus contemplating a Gem Gossip ring ONE for the pinky!

my friend Jeremy needed a Gem Gossip debut, wearing estate pieces he was selling at the show

Maggi wearing a favorite of mine–Ron Hami–an awesome geometric stack

Beth Bernstein‘s whimisical antique rings look amazing on her

Team LoveGold, Sally, Jamie, myself & Lauren

unexpected surprise to meet Monique Pean in line for a taxi–her jewels are amazing in person!

Atelier Minyon stacked up bars, bones and deadly flowers #love

Arrow & Anchor Antiques and Gem Gossip, our engagement rings being BFF

Danielle of Fragments decked out in Colette, which won a design award at Couture}