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Original Miami Beach Antique Show 2013

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The Miami Beach Antique Show was a fun and memorable trip this year! This was the first time ever going to a jewelry show on the first day of opening rather than the tail end of the event. The show had a large turnout–with crowds of people gathering at each booth and lots of deals being made. I was enjoying all the gorgeous jewelry of times past and admiring the art/furniture as well. With aisles and aisles of eye-candy, hours and hours passed quickly. My legs and feet ached from all the walking, but I couldn’t wait to nestle in my hotel bed and wake up, to do it all over again! I met some awesome people and saw old friends…special thanks to Julie for VIP access tickets, all the exhibitors for their hard work, and the Miami Beach Show for providing me this opportunity. As always, I can’t wait until next year!

>>My trip last year and in October

{Some highlights from my trip pictured above:

typical entrance shot from Day two…ready to go!

gorgeous display from an exhibitor–awesome cuff and beutiful necklace

quick SHOW ME YOUR RINGS shot before going into the show–me and Brooke

obsessed with this booth, especially the ring in the lower right corner

I really loved this rose cut diamond and ruby ring–but didn’t buy

our accomodations: the James Royal Palm

which ring would you pick? so many choices!

LOVE Elizabeth Dmitrova and ALL her rings she wears–she is the perfect role model #mein30years

opals that display red flashes of play-of-color are most valuable–perfect example

this exhibitor is from upstate NY #hometownrepresent

how amazing is this mirror?

Victorian jewelry at its finest!

Good morning Miami! my hotel view

loved this ring, have yet to find the perfect crowned-heart ring

a purchase is necessary–this was my choice, diamonds and pearl in a shield motif circa 1930s}