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My Jewel Box: Victorian Trefoil Ring from Verlaine Davies’ Collection


I’ve recently added an amazing piece to my ring collection and am still freaking out about it.  If you’re an avid jewelry reader and book fan, you have Verlaine Davies‘ book Rings 1800-1910: A Study of English & Related Designs in your collection (if you don’t, you NEED it).  Well, a few years ago I got the opportunity to interview her for Gem Gossip–read the interview here.  We recently reconnected and to my surprise, a couple of the rings featured in her book are for sale.  My chance to own a piece from one of my favorite jewelry books happened to strike, and I feel so honored to have it now a part of my collection!  

In the book, Ms. Davies features about 300 Victorian rings from her personal collection, which she has collected over the span of 30 years.  Her travels to England and being a native of England have helped grow her collection, as some of the finest examples of that time period are from England.  I love how the book features photos of the rings, which then in turn, help illustrate different parts, motifs, styles, and examples of turn-of-the-century rings. Such a good read!  

IMG_8490 IMG_8487

My ring is featured on page 63, with the caption reading:

Fig 154. Trefoil bezel comprising round amethysts, with a seed pearl in the centre and one in the stem. Thick round wire hoop, transverse ribs on shoulders. Rose gold. American, circa 1895. Bezel diamond 10mm, hoop diameter 16mm.