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Jewelry Designers: Ones To Watch 2014

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Some of my favorite, new and up-and-coming jewelry designers! These women are definitely ONES TO WATCH!

WHO: Karma El Khalil

WHERE: based in NY & LA

WHAT: some amazing, bold and geometric designs which can be customized with or without diamonds. I’m obsessed with the Floating Triangle Rings and her necklaces are long, and so layerable! She also has some awesome stud earrings!


WHO: Vasundhara Parakh

WHERE: based in London

WHAT: unique designs which depict architectural structures using gemstones and precious metals.  Her travels and homeland of India help inspire her creativity and I love the bold looks.  Carved, opaque gemstones are previlent in her debut collection…with much more to come!


WHO: Payal Shah of L’Dezen

WHERE: Hong Kong

WHAT: I’ve been incredibly obsessed with Payal’s Crazy Horse diamond ring since I saw it on InStyle’s Instagram, and then learned of her other accomplished designs from such a young entrepreneur, I was blown away.  She uses a mix of raw diamonds, grey diamonds, diamond slices, rose cut diamonds, etc to create a collage of beauty. Excited to see more from such a young designer!


WHO: Maggi Simpkins of M by Maggnolia

WHERE: Los Angeles

WHAT: Maggi creates stunning pieces of jewelry with her signature lacey, filigree designs that have a modern edge to them.  Her motifs are used to make rings, knuckle rings, bracelets, necklaces, body chains and even sunglasses!  I am wowed by her uniqueness and it is fun to follow her on Instagram to see her latest work-in-progress!