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Favorite Places to Find Hidden Jewels #LoveGold

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As a gold ring collector for the past ten years, I’ve realized that I’m always on the hunt, whether I know it or not.  I love searching out new places, both on the go and in the comfort of my bed, while on my laptop.  My experiences collecting have led me to categorize the best places to find some amazing pieces of jewelry.  Before revealing them, I’d like to point out an important lesson I’ve learned–it is always better to save up for something that you really love, rather than something less expensive that you only “kind of” love.  

1. Jewelry Shows: every year, there are several jewelry shows, as well as antique-only jewelry shows across the United States.  From Baltimore, to Chicago…New York City, Vegas, with the best in Miami.  For a full, complete schedule visit http://www.usantiqueshows.com  Some of my favorite rings I own have come from jewelry shows, and I make sure to scan the entire show before making a purchase (since I usually only buy one item per show).

2. Pawn Shops: throughout traveling, I’ve realized that pawn shops have some amazing diamonds in the rough.  There is such a wide range of time periods and styles represented at a pawn shop, and great deals are to be had!  Traveling and finding pawn shops in different cities is so fun.

3.  Antique Jewelry Shops: there are so many amazing antique jewelry shops across the country, both family owned and bigger branches.  It is always easy to search for stores in your area or anywhere you are visiting–just Google the town or city, and “antique jewelry.”  Some stores are higher-end with large price tags, while others have reasonable, well-priced items.

4. Flea Markets: bigger cities, like Nashville, Atlanta, Buffalo…have a monthly flea market with an assortment of antiques and collectibles, often including gold jewelry.  There are some outstanding flea markets up North–like Brimfield in Massachusetts, which is highly notable for their antique jewelry.  I’m always up for finding flea markets–let me know if your city or town has one!

5. Auctions: this is one area I struggle with, but have learned from being in the jewelry business that there are some deals out there at auctions, and lots of jewelry auction houses specialize in authenticating and appraising.  Most everyone is familiar with eBay, but that is not the only auction out there.  Christies and Sothebys features some once-in-a-lifetime, showstopping pieces.  Rago Arts, Bonhams, Skinner, Heritage and DuMouchelles is always looking for jewelry to put up on the auction block from the public.  I don’t have a great success rate with bidding, but I’ve personally appraised a few pieces acquired by clients through auctions, and they’ve always been extremely pleased with what they’ve paid vs. retail value.

6. the Internet: best part of the Internet is not having to leave the comfort of your home–so if you’re itching to treasure hunt, but don’t have the time or money to travel, the Internet is the best option.  It also opens up a whole world of gold jewelry retailers, right at your fingertips!  This day in age, so many stores have finally opened up to e-commerce, which means more possibilities in finding the perfect piece!  

{above photos include jewelry from my personal collection:

14k rose gold turquoise and diamond ring from the Las Vegas Jewelry Show 2013

14k yellow gold filigree diamond ring from local pawn shop in Nashville, TN

14k yellow gold pearl and diamond Edwardian ring from the Las Vegas Jewelry Show 2011

14k white gold diamond shield ring from the Original Miami Beach Jewelry Show 2013

other various gold rings in background

– – – – – – – – – – – 

18k yellow gold Cleopatra style necklace from Walton’s Antique Jewelry in Franklin, TN

– – – – – – – – – – – 

14k yellow gold pearl ring circa 1900 from eBay auction

14k white gold diamond shield ring from the Original Miami Beach Jewelry Show 2013

14k rose gold turquoise and diamond ring from the Las Vegas Jewelry Show 2013}


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