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My Jewel Box: Hirotaka Ring+ Jennie Kwon Ring + Vintage Finds #LoveGold

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I’ve realized how amazingly useful hinting is when it comes to holidays.  I think it was genius for LoveGold to create a hashtag which allowed anyone to drop an easy hint for items which we lusted after.  I did the same and found great results!  

Last week I went treasure hunting in Birmingham, Alabama and brought back a few treasures for my jewelry box.  To top it off, when I arrived back home a special package was at my doorstep, fresh from Japan!  It was my Hirotaka diamond bar fragment ring which I ordered awhile back and had also been put on my Wish List for #hintingseason.  Hirotaka is a Japanese jewelry designer who creates minimalistic designs from big ideas, infused with fauna and flora.  The diamond bar fragment ring is very delicate, with a line of diamonds which graces your finger vertically, and then offset by a geometric gold piece, all done in 14k yellow gold.  It is tiny with a punch of pizazz.  I love it.

My vintage finds from Levy’s Fine Jewelers have also got me smiling.  The snake ring was just too cool to pass up–it is done in 14k yellow gold with blue and green enamels creating the life-like snake skin.  The way it coils up on top of the finger, rather than around the finger like most snake rings do, is what made me buy it! I also am a huge fan of Agate and when I saw the slab of agate pendant set with a 14k yellow gold lion, it was calling my name. I’ve been wearing it on a black silk string but would love to get a very long 14k yellow gold chain for it.

Another point to prove how hinting really works is my new Squre Milli ring in 14k yellow gold from Jennie Kwon Designs. Although in this case I really would love just about anything from her entire collection!  I love the delicacy of the ring and the bead-work around the edge.  It makes for a great stacking piece and even better stocking stuffer.   

>> Will #hintingseason work for you?  You won’t know unless you try! Let someone know what you love this #HintingSeason by posting a piece of gold jewelry and enter hashtag #HintingSeason


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold