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Holiday Gift Guide: The Antique Obsessed


This holiday gift guide is for the ANTIQUE OBSESSED kind of girl, where every town has a treasure hunt, every auction has a bidding war and every thing she owns has a story! The antique obsessed thrive on the “one-of-a-kinds” and can never pass up a good deal. This is truly your Holiday Gift Guide:

1 – An antique-inspired “gilded garden” skirt, from NastyGal

2 – Black jet bracelets from the Victorian Era are kinda my thing right now, from Acanthus Antiques

3 – Can you imagine wearing this gold collar necklace with the dangling amethysts?!, from Antique Jewellery Company

4 – Pearls and diamonds are a winning combinatin, espcially in this style, from Craig Evan Small

5 – I love this design, it clearly elongates the finger, all set with old cut diamonds, from Romanov Russia

6 – You can wrap your packages in bows, but can you wrap your finger in a bow?, from Lang Antiques

7 – The flow of the pearl and diamond ring is definitely characteristic of its age, circa 1900, from Berganza

8 – Can’t have a wish list without turquoise and diamonds, from Lang Antiques

9 – An antique jewelry box is necessary for all those antique jewels, from Etsy

10 – one of the best books, a must-have for antique jewelry lovers Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria by Charlotte Gere