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Favorite Instagram Pictures: Winter 2013

raymondleejwlrs2 jjnumber8inc jessicaseaton5 jennykomenda ireneneuwirth sunnysbondjewelry2cc singlestonemissionstreet3 sesameandlilly ilovejezebel hollydymentjewelry cwpoindexter babybuddhaparis topnotchfaceting2 brookegregson

Raymondleejwlrs loving this huge fancy yellow diamond with a VVS-2 clarity–all 7 carats!!

jjnumber8inc logo bracelets in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and diamonds

jessicaseaton the back tattoo + the “vision” pendant + that top omg

jennykomenda writes an amazing home decor/diy blog, this is one of my favorite diy she did

ireneneuwirth carved floral gemstone jewels are incredible

sunnysbondjewelry found this cool antique enamel rooster ring

singlestonemissionstreet rings designed by Denise Betesh stacked for an amazing look! Loving the pear shaped diamonds set sideways

sesameandlilly posted this inspirational black and white photo wall

ilovejezebel wearing the Catbird Lovecats ring, in this case representing pointy chihuahua ears

hollydymentjewelry snapping a photo of some of her older designs–still amazing today!

cwpoindexter viewing some jewelry at Sotheby’s and spotted this incredible turquoise serpent necklace

babybuddhaparis sure knows how to stack earrings

topnotchfaceting has an inspiring work station (and one of the cleanest I’ve seen! ;))

brookegregson put together the best inspiration board–now I know why her jewels are so pretty