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My Elongated Diamond Ring Collection


My collection — realizing I need more fingers


This was the photo posted on Anderson’s Jewelers Instagram which I saw & bought the ring in the middle


It is no surprise, if you’ve followed me for awhile you know my obsession with these elongated diamond rings. Most of these are circa 1900-1915, and true to era, have Old Mine, Old European and single cut diamonds. The setting is usually done in yellow gold with a platinum-top. Sometimes these types of rings are vintage and come from more recent eras, like my latest addition which is all white gold and most likely from the 1950s. This ring was an Instagram find from one of my favorites to follow, Anderson’s Jewelers. The store is located in Wellesley, MA which is not too far from Boston. The next time I visit Brimfield, I am definitely making a pit-stop! In the meantime, I will continue to shop their Instagram feed because they make it so easy. They consistently post new antique and estate pieces from their inventory and purchasing is easy via direct message.

Most of my elongated diamond ring collection was acquired a few years ago. My best source was eBay actually — they would be listed with large price tags but also had a “best offer” option and I would always throw out a completely random offer. Luckily most sellers accepted my offers and I continued to build my collection from there. Last year I had some luck with the Facebook group called Jewelers Helping Jewelers, which is the industry’s best kept secret (now not so much, as it has over 17k members). Lately, I’ve been acquiring them via Instagram…but it is definitely a challenge! There are fewer out there and I’ve sort of made them popular.

Final thoughts: if you love this type of jewelry, be sure to follow my Pinterest board that features only elongated rings

And make sure to follow Anderson’s Jewelers because they have some awesome pieces!