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Jewelry Collection Stories — Liz Kantner




Our latest Jewelry Collection Story comes from Liz Kantner who has been a facet in the jewelry industry for quite some time and in many different roles.  I first met her through her time working at Todd Reed and would visit with her at Couture. She now lives in North Carolina and has paved her own path with marketing and advocating all things jewelry. Her latest venture was helping to launch the newest jewelry show in Las Vegas, called the Premier Show and opening up a tattoo/jewelry shop with her partner Chris called Divination Tattoo. Although I was bummed I couldn’t make it to the debut of this show, Liz visited me in Nashville before Gino was born!

(Photos by Chelsea Lane Photography and Liz herself)

I’m excited to feature her personal jewelry collection because I’ve watched it grow over the years and every piece really does have a story. Take it away Liz:



“I’ve always loved collecting jewelry, but I remember really starting my collection after my grandmother gave me her collection of pins, clip-on earrings and costume jewelry. I was in high school at the time and actually started taking her jewelry and using my very novice crafting skills to remake the pieces to be more wearable. My mom still has some of my early creations. Soon after college I started getting interested in collecting more vintage and antique jewelry and spent my free time at estate sales and flea markets. During that time I started collecting pieces from independent designers as well – a couple of early favorites include Margaret Cross, Pamela Love and Jennie Kwon. In 2012 I found a job in the jewelry industry working for Todd Reed and that’s when I really started growing my collection.”


“I love Georgian Era and while I don’t have any pieces of mourning jewelry in my collection yet, I am always looking. I also love date rings and cameos (I love when vintage cameos are used in contemporary jewelry). My favorite piece of antique jewelry in my collection, other than my 1915 date ring, is a pair of vintage ram earrings from Fox & Bond.”


“The importance of adornment and the deep meaning behind each piece is what makes jewelry my passion. I have always believed in accessories to complete a look – most days I choose my jewelry before my outfit. I love supporting artists, makers and designers.”



“My forever favorite place to go to find antique jewelry is The Golden Nugget in Lambertville, NJ. When I was living in Colorado, I loved Classic Facets on Pearl Street in Boulder and the Brass Armadillo, an incredible antique mall in Denver. For contemporary jewelry, Mora Collection in Asheville, NC is one of my very favorite stores.”


“My “alternative bridal” stack has a story behind it – Chris and I are not officially married, but we have been together for just about 10 years, so I wear a stack on my ring finger. I wear a diamond ring with stones from my mom and both grandmothers, this was a custom ring that Todd Reed created for me. I also wear a ring that Chris bought me from Margaret Cross, a ring I had been dreaming about for many years. To top off the stack, I wear a ring from Communion by Joy – it includes a single diamond with gold rays coming from it – this ring represents me. I love this stack because it represents my family, my partner and myself.”

You can follow Liz here –> @Liz_Kantner