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Dana Rebecca Launches Buddha Jewels

Dana Rebecca | Gem Gossip

Dana Rebecca | Gem Gossip

Dana Rebecca | Gem Gossip

Dana Rebecca | Gem Gossip

When Dana Rebecca creates jewelry, each piece has meaning and significance within her own life. If you’re someone who has been designing entire jewelry collections since the age of 16, you’re bound to make some jewels that not only touch your life but plenty of others who end up buying the pieces and adding them to their own jewelry story. For Dana, this has been her passion since she could remember! Each necklace, earring, bracelet or ring she creates is named after a woman in Dana’s life that has impacted her. Dana’s designs are both timeless and classic, all layer-ready and complementary to so many different styles. I love how her pieces can be easily added to anyone’s jewelry wardrobe seamlessly, whether they wear bold and bright jewelry or minimal and sleek.

I found out Dana Rebecca will be launching theย Buddha collection online and I was so excited to have gotten to handle them before their big launch day! Both Dana and myself are big fans of the buddha as a motif, as it symbolizes something greater than just a pretty piece of carved jade. For Dana, she formed her connection to the Buddha during her many travels abroad; the symbol has taught her to always explore and think positively. For me, I connected with the Buddha symbol during my travels on my Jewelry Road Trip series and the joy it has brought me since creating something so unique. I have a vintage Buddha pendant that I wear which reminds me to continue to do things without fear.

Dana’s Buddha collection features carved jade of various hues surrounded by diamonds, all set in either 14k yellow, rose or white gold. Each necklace varies in length, with the two I got to play with having a longer length than your average 18″ necklace. I love the longer length on these Buddha pieces because you can really create a layered necklace look with some of your shorter pieces you probably already have. I also think the longer length is ideal for summer styling — think plunging neckline or summer dress (insert heart eye emoji). I had so much fun putting together this look with added necklaces from Dana’s other collections (her pieces play off of one another so well). The Buddhas really go with anything and truly stand out as a conversation piece! I’m really into pieces that tell a story and these Buddhas can reflect so many things for different people; I’m excited to hear how this symbol holds significance if your life! ย Let me know!

“We are shaped by our

thoughts; we become

what we think. When

the mind is pure, joy

follows like a shadow

that never leaves.”


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