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Jewels at my Doorstep: Halleh Jewelry #LoveGold

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A new segment of Gem Gossip, called “Jewels at my Doorstep” brings you gorgeous jewelry mixed with my artistic photography!  

Seeing a piece of jewelry or a designer’s collection in person, rather than online, can give you an entirely different feeling.  In this setting, designers loan me their masterpieces, I try them on, play with them, really feel the way they look…and then photograph the jewelry based on what it portrays to me.  And, yes you’re right, it is entirely way too fun!  Hope you enjoy! 


Halleh Jewelry has a hint of exotic with a warm touch of 18k yellow gold.  I was awed by the jewelry’s richness, its Persian influences and trendy, modern flair.  Pulling out eight rings from a package was better than any Christmas morning, and I was immediately inspired by the jewelry.  The hazy glow of the autumn sun in Nashville was the perfect setting for the shoot.  

Designer Halleh Amiralai, has been working on her collection of 18K yellow gold pieces for over five years and was one of the first fine jewelers to be carried by Net-A-Porter. Her designs are also available at Roseark and a few other retail locations.  

Details of Rings:

18k yellow gold Persian Turquoise Ring, Price: $4400, Net-a-porter.com

18k yellow gold “Shooting Star” garnet ring, Price: $2800

18k yellow gold tsavorite chain ring, Price: $2900

18k yellow gold “Hammered 3 Coil Ring,” Price: $3300

18k yellow gold diamond “11” ring, Price $3500, Net-a-porter.com

18k yellow gold set of three bands, Price: $1980, Net-a-porter.com


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold