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Obsession: Antique Roman Coin Jewelry

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Coins are really having a moment–from the runways of fashion week, to being a focal point of Dolce & Gabbana’s latest collection debuting at Milan Fashion Week. I love the 1884 Collection which uses antique Roman coins and depicts their rich Italian history in jewelry. The collection mixes some of the most exquisite elements such as gold, diamonds, sapphires, lapis, and emeralds. And price point ranges anywhere from $240 to $15,000.  The above jewels are available at Nagi Jewelers in Stamford, CT with some select pieces available at Ross-Simons.

Details of above pieces:

Appia 18K Yellow Gold Ring w/ Ottaviano Coin & Diamond Bezel $3,900

Rosa 18K Yellow Gold & Lapis Earrings w/ Ottaviano Coin $1,800

Rosa 18K Yellow Gold & Brown Tourmaline Chain w/ Ottaviano Coin $2,000

Appia 18K Yellow Gold Floating Stud Earrings w/ Antoninus Pius Coin $1,200