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Double Take: Doyle & Doyle Antique Wedding Set

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It has taken me quite sometime to figure out this wedding band stuff–I am quite proud of myself for loving my engagement ring more and more each day.  I thought I would get tired of wearing the same ring everyday, but turns out it becomes more a part of me the more I wear it.  At first, it seemed like an impossible task to find a wedding band that complimented the bypass style, especially because of its misshapen-ness.  Working at an antique jewelry store, I thought for sure I would find something–but nothing seemed to spark my interest.  It was always…diamonds over powered it, no diamonds looked too plain–I almost came to grips with having no band at all.  Until on a trip to California when I was out there taking my final 20 stone exam for my Graduate Gemologist certification, I stopped by my favorite place ever–Ocean Beach Antique Mall.  They have this treasure chest you can sift through full of rings.  There it was–the perfect wedding band.  It was Victorian (same time period as my engagement ring) the exact size (a tiny, toddler equivalent of 3.5) and had the neatest engraving, a style I had never seen before!  It was awesome to get to share this experience with my fiance as well, as he came along with me on my trip.

This was found back in June…fast forward to a few weeks ago and Doyle & Doyle, a favorite antique jewelry shop in New York City, posted a wedding set on their blog.  It was their latest acquisition: a moi et toi bypass ring set with a diamond and an emerald from the early 1900s.  Juliet and Pamela of Doyle & Doyle who are in charge of the social media, paired the ring with a wedding band that almost is the exact band I choose!  It is amazing to see something so similar, paired with something else that is so similar!  Thanks girls for reassuring my choice and to whomever buys the ring(s)–we will forever be Victorian twinsies.