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Welcome to the New Website!

Gem Gossip

Welcome to the new Gem Gossip!


This has been on our to-do list for quite sometime, after all, this blog turns 10 years old this year. That is kind of a big deal. I guess in “human years” that would be the equivalent to 50?  So a makeover was necessary.

We wanted a sleek, sophisticated look; a website that undoubtedly showed it was built in 2018 and not “old and outdated” like my old site.  I’ve always had a reactionary business model to what I’ve built, letting my audience show me and pull me in the right direction, and this website is a definite reflection of that. My Jewelry Map section, for example, was created and launched back in June of 2015. My idea for it came from the #JewelryRoadTrip project which was launched around the same time.  It has essentially evolved to become an ultimate tool for jewelry lovers wanting to know all the best jewelry stores, designers and antique shops within each state. Project M+, the design team out of LA whom I hired to create this new website for me, got behind the idea and totally revamped and specialized the Jewelry Map.  I love how it turned out and hope you will too!

Recently, I’ve been at a loss for words with how volatile the world of social media can be. It is not a place for someone to invest everything they have into it because it could change at any time (all the algorithm changes that have less and less followers being able to see your content), it could END at any time, and the most important reason the pushed me over the edge, was realizing I couldn’t control it myself. Any changes to the platform that are made are totally out of my hands. That’s why I kept going back to my blog–it is a place where I can be creative on my own terms, I can control it and I feel confident in investing my time, energy and money into it because I know it will be contributing to my brand that I’ve been building since the day I published my first blog post.

I’m excited to get back into blogging again after being away from it these past few months while this new redesign and rebranding was being worked on behind the scenes. I will be doing more Jewelry Collection Stories (a landslide favorite), more designer interviews, more personal collection write-ups, more trends and jewelry style posts, and letting you in on the best auctions that are coming up! If you want to see more of any other topic or have other suggestions, I’d love to hear!  Let me know!

And thanks to Project M+ for creating this masterpiece of a new blog and new logo.

PS: Also we have shoppable widgets! Yay!!