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Gem Gossip Turns SIX Years Old!!


July marks the sixth year since I started Gem Gossip and what a fun and wild ride it has been! I set out on this journey with very small goals–I wanted a place to share my love for jewelry, connect with people, maybe get to go to a jewelry show, and to someday write a book.  I am so proud of all that this blog has brought in terms of happy moments, opportunities, life lessons, and the biggest and most important of all–the friendships! When Gem Gossip turned five years old last year, I was excited about a lot of things and thankful towards my readers. A huge difference from one year ago are the bonds I’ve formed with many fellow jewelry lovers!  Many of these people that I’ve met through Gem Gossip, I now consider to be some of my closest friends.  I don’t think I ever realized that would happen and it has been one of the little surprises that comes along with having your own blog.  I look forward to many more of these “surprises” along the way…and to all the amazing friends I’ve met through Gem Gossip, you know who you are, thank you!  I want us to be in our 80s, wheeling through the Miami Antique Jewelry Show, with a handful of rings on our fingers, looking for our next treasure for our collection, and laughing about our memories from all the past jewelry shows! Cheers to being 6 years old!