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Jewels at my Doorstep: Deborah Pagani Jewelry #LoveGold

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Crazy, sexy, cool may be the title of TLC’s album from 1994, but it also accurately describes Deborah Pagani‘s fine jewelry collection today. Her jewelry line exudes a big city vibe, mixed with an old school Deco flair. Based in New York City, Deborah has many inspirations that come from living in the Big Apple. The aptly titled, New York City Ring (which just debuted last week at Barney’s) is seen here in the photoshoot, fresh from its big reveal.  I immediately loved its versatility–I thought it looked great stacked one ontop the other, or worn on the middle or index finger, and also thought it would look great on a man.  Hooray for unisex rings!

My attempt at bringing skyscrapers and an urban-inspired theme didn’t quite pan out.  There’s only so much you can do in Nashville, but a NY-chic look is all I needed for these stunning jewels to pop! The earrings were lightweight on my ear lobes–I wore them the entire day–and have an ideal length. The bangle is sleek and thin, plus the dangling pave diamond pyramid makes for such a feminine touch. The newest pieces, the two New York City rings, compliment Deborah’s past collections.  The two versions, one with pave diamonds, the other plain with one diamond, make for a tough decision when choosing between the two. Wearing both together is the brightest solution!  A backdrop of shady trees and corn fields surprisingly suites the shiny citified jewelry of Deborah Pagani!    

Jewelry Details:

18k yellow gold Dynasty Earrings with white diamonds, 0.85 ctw Price: $7,135
18k yellow gold New York City Ring with pave diamonds, 0.32 ctw Price: $3,180
18k yellow gold New York City Ring plain with diamond 0.015 ct, Price: $2,430
18k yellow gold Pyramid Bangle bracelet with diamonds, 0.87 ctw Price: $3,690


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