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My Jewel Box

My Jewel Box: Gold Etchings & Cameo Rings

{10k rose gold flower ring from Ruby Lane 10k rose gold onyx cameo ring from eBay user: grandmomsattic 14k yellow gold 0.60 carat pear cut champagne diamond ring made/designed by Gem Gossip 14k yellow gold cigar band from jewelry television} That cameo ring is the newest addition to my jewel box. I've always wanted a cameo ring, but didn't really like them--I think the pinkish colored ones that we normally tend to see is what turned me off. This one however is tiny, delicate, and the contrast of the black and white is pretty. The setting is pretty unique too. And yes, I got it for a steal of only $31 on eBay--best deal yet! (It may have to do with the fact that it is a size 3.5 so it is super tiny) On a side note, I picked up a gold foil etching kit at a craft store and recently completed this fox picture. It took a lot of concentration and time, but was great to do anytime I was bored or in between commercial breaks. It looks great when it is all finished too! [I am wearing a HOORSENBUHS white tee--if you think they make great jewelry, just take a look at their clothing line] Read More

My Jewel Box

Drape Chain Charm Bracelet

{14k yellow gold drape chain bracelet 14k yellow gold St. Anthony Medallion charm} {14k yellow gold textured band 10k yellow gold antique panther ring} A Gem Gossip "Do-It-Yourself:" How to get the drape chain, charm bracelet look: 1. Get three very fine 14k gold chains (these came with pendants I've purchased that seem too thin to wear on a necklace alone) 2. Clasp them together, so that one clasp connects to the other's end ring, and do the same with its other end 3. Wrap around your wrist and add a round medallion charm Read More

My Jewel Box

Snapshots of my Antique Jewels

[top photo] 14k yellow gold knot brooch with enamel circa 1890 from Joseph & Company Estate Gold Jewelry featured at the Nashville flea market at the TN State Fairgrounds 14k white & yellow gold diamond & sapphire filigree ring from Steve’s Pawn Shop 113 E. Side Square, Murfreesboro, TN 37130 14k yellow gold black enamel panther ring with diamond eyes from Steve’s Pawn Shop 113 E. Side Square, Murfreesboro, TN 37130 14k yellow gold sapphire & diamond pendant circa 1950s from Walton’s Antique & Estate Jewelry 410 Main St., Franklin, TN 14k rose & white gold brooch with diamond & seed pearls from eBay seller: barbara*s-lost-and-found [bottom photo] 14k white gold ring ruby & 2 diamonds circa 1930s from eBay seller: mrwatch 14k white gold sapphire eternity band from Dover Jewelry 14k white gold quarter carat diamond with 2 triangle shaped sapphires from an old watch shop in Upstate New York Read More

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My Jewel Box

My Jewel Box: A Couple Family Heirlooms

My sister ALisha and I had a fun time going through our parents' jewelry boxes. My mom's jewelry was more traditional and included many pieces from the 1980s. Since then, she has not really made any jewelry purchases. A favorite piece of hers is an Opal Triplet pendant that she had custom made after purchasing the stone. My dad's jewelry consists of lots of 18k yellow gold chains from Italy given to him from his parents, as well as lots of watches! A favorite piece of his is a Girard-Perregaux watch given to him by his father. Pictured are two pieces from my parents' jewelry collection: my mom's engagement ring, which is a three-stone diamond ring done in a 14k yellow gold bypass style. The ring is crowned on top an owl carved out of soapstone. One of my dad's watches is pictured on an antique blue plate, featuring Andrew Jackson. The plate was found at an old antique shop by my sister--Jackson owned a large plantation and estate near where we live. Read More

My Jewel Box

I’m just tryna change the color on your mood ring

[right hand] 14k rose gold diamond & sapphire antique stick pin converted into a ring from eBay user: jgoldilox 10k yellow gold heart ring given to me by my sister ALisha [left hand] 10k rose gold flower ring from Ruby Lane Read More

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How to Wear a Backwards Necklace

Inspired by this post, I tried the backwards necklace look. If you want to try this out for yourself, I suggest first purchasing a shirt that will let you get this trend right. Something with a low sweeping back–the lower you choose, the longer the… Read More