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Walton’s Antique & Estate Jewelry: Franklin, Tennessee

I checked out Walton's Antique & Estate Jewelry in Franklin, Tennessee this past weekend, after the frightening tornado outbreak minutes away from my house! A well-deserved trip after the stressfulness of all the weather. Take a look at my pendant purchased as a gift for me below. It is a 14k yellow gold pendant from the 1950s, with a diamond and four sapphires. It is an amazing store, with a vast selection of antique jewelry. It was a pleasant surprise to see such amazing jewelry in a small shop like this. Their antique engagement ring selection is great--about a four-foot long case full. They also have many bar pins and brooches, several Art Deco cocktail watches with diamonds, great antique bracelets and much more. I highly recommend this store. Read More

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My Newest Addition to my Collection

eBay is always a fun site to browse during spare time, and even more so a vintage jewelry enthusiast's dreamland. My list of items I am watching is usually three pages long. I only bid if it is really a piece that is unique and different from what I've seen. I also like items that do not have a reserve price and start out very low. It is good to have a price in mind that will serve as what you feel the item is worth, averaged with how much you are willing to pay. I was able to get this great Art Deco ring at a price of $79. It is 14k yellow gold with green jade and lapis stones. The ring came from a great seller [bre-chlo] and I couldn't be more satisfied with my eBay purchase! Read More

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Pawn Shop Treasure Hunting

The treasure hunting in the Nashville area is unreal!  There are so many great antique shops and flea markets.  The Tennessee State Fairgrounds has flea market event dates set for five times a year.  Here are the dates:  November 21-22-23 Holiday Preview December 19-20-21 Last Chance January 23-24-25 Winterfest Feb 27-28-1 Spring is the Air March 27-28-29 Spring Fling I have to admit, I've never been into a pawn shop before.  However, after stubbling upon one which had a large sign that said "Estate Jewelry" I was intrigued and decided to have a look.  The musty, old shop had two long cases filled with some amazing vintage finds!  I had fun looking through, and trying some pieces on.  After admiring/wishing/wanting, I decided to purchase!  Check out the two rings I picked in the photo.  The Victorian, filigree ring on the left is set in 14k gold, with sapphires and diamonds.  This is a bold ring, and definitely makes a statement.  I like how it elongates any finger it is on, and feels delicate as well.  The other ring I purchased is a trendy panther ring said to have come from an estate in Louisiana.  The panther's eyes are two tiny diamonds and its spots are black enameled.  I was able to talk down the prices, and get a great deal since I bought two items.  Treasure hunting is definitely fun and you never know what you will find!  I will have to put my adventures on hold though, since I am all out of money! Read More

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Update: My ring is finished!

UPDATE: Picked up my what I dropped off last week--a diamond--and now I have a beautiful ring! The first look is always the best, it definitely took my breath away and I felt it was even better than I expected. Bell Jewelers did a great job and I highly recommend them if you are looking to have a diamond set, or even if you need broken jewelry repaired. So here is the diamond I brought again: And here is the result: Read More

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Setting My Diamond…

I am very excited because I dropped off my diamond today to be made into a ring!  I am having it done at Bell Jewelers in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  The diamond is a 0.60 carat pear-shaped with a fancy champagne color.  It was difficult to decide what I wanted it made into...I decided to go with a 14k yellow gold ring with the diamond in a bezel setting.  It should be finished and ready to be picked up around the beginning of August! Here are a few tips to consider if you have a diamond you want made into a piece of jewelry: .::Consider all possibilities:...ring, necklace, earrings, bracelet...?? .::Bring in pictures or draw pictures: sometimes explaining things doesn't always work out .::Make sure the jeweler is experienced: do your research online .::Use old, broken gold to make a new piece of jewelry: always save old, broken gold The picture I brought in to the jewelry store to explain what I wanted my ring to look like I will let you know how it turns out! Keep checking back for the update! Read More

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My shopping experience at Ylang|23

Want a shopping experience like no other? Are you nervous about ordering fine jewelry online? Well, Ylang|23 will make you feel like VIP and treat you right! Earlier this year I had some extra holiday cash and wanted to treat myself. I had been fascinated with Ylang|23's assortment of jewelry on their site for quite sometime...so I thought, why not? When I finally decided to purchase a bracelet by designer Sydney Evan, I noticed it was no longer on their website! I decided to send a quick email about it, but didn't want to get my hopes up. I immediately recieved a response from a friendly sales associate. She had found what I was describing and told me that she would have it ordered. I was even able to get the 7" bracelet sized down to 6.25" at no extra cost! That made my day because it is usually very difficult to find bracelets that can be resized to fit my wrist. The sales associate always made time to serve me as a customer, even if I lived 1,000 miles away! When I received my bracelet, it was wrapped in the cutest packaging and ribbon...I didn't want to untie it! But, I quickly did and was amazed by my purchase. I also received a thank you card. I want to thank Ylang|23 for their great service and beautiful jewelry. My purchase may not have been as pricey as some of the jewels that go for thousands...but you sure made me feel as if mine did! Pictured far above is the white gold, sapphire and diamond lucky eye bracelet that I purchased; designed by Sydney Evan. Directly above are a few pieces from Ylang|23 that caught my eye! Designers are Ten Thousand Things, Gurhan, and Andrea Fohrman, respectively. Read More