Endless talk of all things sparkly.

And I ended up choosing…


…the square! So, a few weeks prior to my birthday I asked everyone if I should go with the round or square shaped ring from Zoë Chicco’s Spike Collection.  I initially was going to go with the round–but then I thought it would be fun to ask everyone’s opinion.


Thanks to many great comments and opinions, I ended up choosing the square!  I am very happy with this choice, I love my ring!  I also am glad that I chose a Matte finish rather than a Polished finish.  Not too many jewelry pieces have a matte finish, which makes it even more unique.  The onyx was a no-brainer for me–it is such a striking color against the yellow gold.


Now that I look in both my closet and jewelry box, I am realizing an overwhelming abundance of black. Didn’t even mean for this to happen either…I think the next piece of jewelry I am going to purchase is going to be bright and vibrant!


{inquiries about the specifics on any jewelry items I’m wearing, feel free to leave a comment, I will answer your questions}