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My Jewel Box: A Couple Family Heirlooms


My sister ALisha and I had a fun time going through our parents’ jewelry boxes. My mom’s jewelry was more traditional and included many pieces from the 1980s. Since then, she has not really made any jewelry purchases. A favorite piece of hers is an Opal Triplet pendant that she had custom made after purchasing the stone. My dad’s jewelry consists of lots of 18k yellow gold chains from Italy given to him from his parents, as well as lots of watches! A favorite piece of his is a Girard-Perregaux watch given to him by his father.


Pictured are two pieces from my parents’ jewelry collection: my mom’s engagement ring, which is a three-stone diamond ring done in a 14k yellow gold bypass style. The ring is crowned on top an owl carved out of soapstone. One of my dad’s watches is pictured on an antique blue plate, featuring Andrew Jackson. The plate was found at an old antique shop by my sister–Jackson owned a large plantation and estate near where we live.