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Obsessed: Regimental and Masonic Jewelry

Currently on trend are pieces of jewelry once owned by only a select few, but now their jewels are turning up at pawn shops and at auction.  Pieces like Regimental brooches and rings, and Masonic jewelry are becoming more and more popular as they become more available.  The… Read More


Find Your Lucky Emerald at Fellows Auction, June 12th, 2014

It is the rich, vivid green color that has Emerald fans mesmerized and encapsulated by the gemstone. No matter the era or the fashion style, emeralds have remained en vogue. With a enticing history that involves Spanish conquistadors and being loved by icons like Elizabeth Taylor, it’s no wonder… Read More


Jewelry from Every Time Period, Offered at Fellows Auction

  Fellows Auction house always has some amazing pieces of jewelry up for auction every month. What I particularly noticed in May’s upcoming Antique & Modern Jewellery auction is the wide variety of different time periods offered.  Whether you have a penchant for Victorian mourning jewelry, or… Read More

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My Jewel Box: Garnet & Diamond “Comet” Ring

Getting this ring was truly a heart-stopping moment, both when opening it up and seeing it for the first time, as well as live bidding at auction. This ring was acquired through March 18th’s Fine Jewelry Sale at Skinner Auction House in Boston. I had browsed… Read More


Obsession: Carved Indian Chief Jewels

Carved gemstones are a huge fascination of mine.  I have a large amount of experience with carved intaglios and carved cameos because I see them everyday.  However, gemstones that are actually freeform and carved into shapes or objects are both rare and one-of-a-kind, and not so common for… Read More


Romantic Jewelry featured in Fellows Antique & Modern Jewellery Auction

Spring is an exciting time of the year.  There is new life, new blossoms on the trees, birds chirping everywhere…maybe even new love or relationship?!  This month’s Antique & Modern Jewellery auction at Fellows has the perfect jewelry to go with the spring time season and new… Read More