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Find Your Lucky Emerald at Fellows Auction, June 12th, 2014

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It is the rich, vivid green color that has Emerald fans mesmerized and encapsulated by the gemstone. No matter the era or the fashion style, emeralds have remained en vogue. With a enticing history that involves Spanish conquistadors and being loved by icons like Elizabeth Taylor, it’s no wonder emeralds are everyone’s favorite. Constantly on any trend-setters radar and at the top of any woman’s covet-list–a gorgeous piece of jewelry with an emerald! For me, emeralds set in yellow gold are my favorite. The rich yellow hue adds to the regency of an emerald. In my personal collection, I do have one emerald! It is a Victorian ring set with a square step cut emerald flanked by a small cluster of rose cut diamonds. It took awhile to add an emerald to my collection, for the same reason why most people wait on that “perfect” gemstone. It has to be the right shade of green–maybe more of a bluish-green with a medium tone, or maybe some prefer more of a yellowish-green with a dark tone. It is up to the wearer! No doubt, emeralds and gorgeous stones with a special place in everyone’s heart!

The month of May has the privilege of having emerald as its birthstone. If you are wanting a piece of jewelry that is set with an emerald and have been looking for a long time, Fellows Auctions may just have the one for you! With an extensive emerald collection up for auction in June’s Antique & Modern Jewellery Sale, I’ve highlighted the 16 best pieces of jewelry here. There are so many shades of green, different eras being represented and different types of jewelry–whether you want a necklace, ring, earrings or even cufflinks! Be sure to tune in online for the auction and bid live! The date to save is June 12th! If you bid and win any of these gorgeous pieces, make sure to show me!

Lot 15 is an 18k yellow gold emerald and diamond band

Lot 52 is a pair of 18k yellow gold emerald and diamond dangle earrings

Lot 53 is an 18k yellow gold emerald and diamond cluster ring

Lot 92 is a pearl and emerald pendant

Lot 104 is an emerald and round diamond three stone ring

Lot 112 is a pair of emerald and diamond cluster earrings

Lot 113 is an early 19th century emerald and diamond cluster ring in gold, with silver-top

Lot 120 is an irregular cut emerald surrounded by old cut diamonds set in gold

Lot 170 is a bypass ring set with square step cut emeralds and baguette diamonds

Lot 206 is an emerald and Old Mine cut diamond three-stone ring

Lot 309 is an 18k gold emerald and diamond floral-shaped ring

Lot 393 is a pair of pear-shaped emerald and diamond drop ear pendants

Lot 430 is an early 20th century topaz and emerald necklace

Lot 527 is a late 19th century pearl and emerald sentimental ring

Lot 544 is a pair of round emerald and diamond earrings

Lot 595 is a pair of 18k emerald bead and diamond cufflinks

15 52 53 92 104 112 113 120 170 206 309 393 430 527 544 595

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