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Adorn Your Ears with Upcoming Fellows Auction on August 14th, 2014

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The art of adornment for your ears has truly become one of the biggest trends for fashion in 2014.  With more and more holes in our ears, a whole new artform of styling earrings has emerged and a new demand for earrings. I love buying vintage or antique earrings and mixing and matching to find a cool look.  Contrasting colors using gemstones is a fun tip, or try an all gold look, using earrings with no stones at all.  You can play around with earring length, using all studs or dangles, or even wear one dangle in one ear, and not the other!  The possibilities are endless, and with auctions like Fellows, you can splurge on several lots and create your own earring wardrobe only after a few winning bids!  

Don’t forget the earring essentials–like a pair of diamond stud earrings or pearl stud earrings–those are must-haves and are frequently found at Fellows Auctions.  Vintage finds, like a cool pair of fan-like Retro earrings from the 1940s are also must-haves!  Some gemstone dangle earrings are fun to wear with an updo–there are several offerings in this month’s auctions.  

Above are my favorite earring lots offered at Fellows August 14th, 2014 Antique & Modern Auction:

Lot 119 a pair of diamond ear pendants–wear as a pair to a formal occasion or be edgy and wear only one!

Lot 141 a pair of bezel set diamond earrings, each approximately 1/3 ct. which is an ideal size

Lot 192 a pair of yellow diamond and onyx koala ear studs, these are fun and cutesy 

Lot 232 a pair of sapphire and diamond stud earrings, these add a splash of color and refinery 

Lot 238 a pair of moonstone and diamond stud earrings, quite whimsical and dainty perfect for an upper ear piercing

Lot 264 a designer pair of Chopard diamond earrings, because a signed piece is essential in your wardrobe

Lot 284 a pair of Links of London “Watch Over Me Moon” earrings, since celestial inspired jewelry is so popular

Lot 290 a pair of J-hoop diamond earrings by Theo Fennell, classic and super cool still being on the small side, but packed with diamonds

Lot 319 a pair of sapphire and diamond “halo” earrings, would look cool having both in one ear, with nothing in the other

Lot 428 a pair of diamond and topaz ear pendants in white gold, love the bright color of the topaz

Lot 500 a pair of sapphire and pearl ear drops, the fun dangling pearls can hang from many different holes and look great

Lot 503 a pair of emerald and pearl ear drops, the daintiness of a long chain earring is really on trend right now

Lot 515 a pair of antique emerald and diamond stud earrings, add some history to your ear with an antique pair

Lot 590 a pair of sapphire and diamond ear clips, these fan-shaped clips allow you to clip anywhere on your ear, no hole necessary

Lot 602 a pair of coral cameo earrings, which would fit perfectly in this dream I have where an entire ear is loaded with cameo ear studs

Lot 635 a pair of white cultured pearl stud earrings, which is a necessity in every girl’s earring wardrobe


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