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2019 Gold Jewelry Trends with May Is Gold Month

MIGM | Gem Gossip

MIGM | Gem Gossip

MIGM | Gem Gossip

MIGM | Gem Gossip

I’m excited to partner again with May Is Gold Month, with our partnership now totaling six years in a row!  Throughout the past year, I’ve been hoarding some new karat gold finds, only to reveal them here and now with these gold trend reports. I’m so excited to talk all things gold every week and get everyone to participate in showing me their gold. I hope you’ve been inspired by last year’s gold talks and have branched out or tried something new because of it. I know at least for me, it got me thinking of which categories I’d like to add more pieces to, and if you compare last year’s trend roundup with this year’s, you can easily see where I did some major expanding.

This past year, I’ve added lots of new karat gold necklaces to my jewelry wardrobe and this has a lot to do with what has been going on in my life — being pregnant! Necklaces have been the easiest to wear for me, as most of my rings don’t currently fit! It also helps that necklace layering has really taken off as a leading trend since last year. Everyone wants that perfect neck mess! So I’ll be looking forward to that week!

With each week during May Is Gold Month, I’ll showcase and discuss the weekly trend by sharing what it is and give a few pointers on how you can style pieces within each trend category. May Is Gold Month will also provide some “gold deals” on pieces of gold jewelry from each trend category from retailers they’ve partnered with from the jewelry industry. So be sure you’re following along with May is Gold Month on their social media platforms. And we might even have a fun giveaway in store at the very end!

Without further ado, here are this year’s gold jewelry trends from May is Gold Month and ways I’ve styled each one. Let this help you plan your posts over on Instagram and don’t forget to use the hashtag #ShowMeYourGold when sharing.

MIGM | Gem Gossip

Week One: Brilliant Bracelets

I can’t get enough of karat gold bracelets and you’ll soon see an even bigger testament to this statement. Ever since I finally invested in a 14k gold San Marco bracelet, I saw how much wear I got out of it (practically everyday), I decided to add to my wrist stack again. This time I opted for a vintage chevron tennis bracelet in 14k yellow gold. I love the texture of this piece — one link is polished, while the other is matte gold. I think it goes well with these other two and I’ve *almost* perfected my ideal wrist stack!  What are your go-to karat gold bracelets?! Would love to see the different styles!

MIGM | Gem Gossip

Week Two: Ravishing Rings

Themes, textures and motifs — all important things when picking out a karat gold ring for my collection. Diamond-cut gold has been one of my absolute favorites lately and shows off the strength and versatility of gold as a material. Karat gold can go from dull to sparkly with just one cut or polish. It also adds dimension to a piece and as you can probably tell, a high polish is not necessary to please me! Do you like different gold textures?! Try some out!

MIGM | Gem Gossip

Week Three: Heart-Stopping Hoops

Hoops make any outfit 10x cooler! And I will stand by that made up statistic any day of the week! I love all my karat gold hoop earrings and made sure I have a couple pairs of plain, all-gold, lightweight matching hoops in different sizes…BUT I will say, I’ve been adding some more unique hoop earrings to my lineup, and they are proving how fun they can be. Here I’m wearing a pair that are set with onyx…another pair that are 14k with gold squiggle pattern…and a new kind of karat gold cuff that rethinks cuffs in a whole new way! I’m wearing two here and they are by Hirotaka. I totally want more — can you imagine about 10 of them going up the ear?! So cool and edgy.

MIGM | Gem Gossip

Week Four: Neck Necessities

My karat gold necklace and chain collection has grown pretty rapidly since last year! I love mixing different chain styles and lengths, adding pendants and finding my perfect layered look. Last year I raved about adding a “fringe” style necklace to your stack, which I still advocate…but this year I’m adding another essential — a karat gold collar or choker. You can try something very thick and heavy (like an omega or rigid collar) or go dainty with a thin chain in a very small length, like 13-15″ depending.

MIGM | Gem Gossip

Week Five: Ear-resistible Earrings

Karat gold studs or dangles? Which do you prefer? I know for me, I can wear studs anytime, anywhere. Then, if I want to change up my look or put some emphasis on my earrings, I will go bold with an oversized gold dangle. Statement earrings are still very popular and a lot of the styles from the 1980s are coming back! My advice: search out some vintage finds that are over-the-top, like the door-knocker style or geometric drops.

MIGM | Gem Gossip

Week Six: Guys’ Gold

If you think my husband has slowed down on his karat gold jewelry collecting tendencies, you’re totally wrong!  In fact, he has most recently added a curb-link chain to his own necklace stack (which I will be borrowing) and a long, skinny figaro. I love how unisex gold is becoming more and more trendy at the moment. He still continues to wear lots of gold rings and most recently got an opal & gold ring for his October birthday and a new gold wedding band to add to his rotating mix.

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