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For Me, From Me — Natural Diamond Jewelry to Celebrate You

For Me, From Me | Gem Gossip

For Me, From Me | Gem Gossip

For Me, From Me | Gem Gossip

If you were to buy yourself a piece of fine jewelry to celebrate a milestone birthday, important moment in your career or just because…what would it be? Diamonds? Gold? Timeless? Trendy and cool? I’ve always believed in the idea of a woman celebrating herself, no matter what the occasion, and there really is no more authentic way to do that than with a piece of natural diamond jewelry. Women purchase diamonds for themselves at different stages in their life and for different reasons. Did you know that 1/3 of all natural diamond jewelry sales are women purchasing for themselves?  Natural diamonds are Mother Nature’s greatest gift to us gals – real, rare and unlike anything else in the universe.

If you’re the type of person to say, why buy diamond jewelry and not a handbag or new pair of shoes?  First off, not sure why you’re reading my jewelry-obsessed blog…but I’ve also made a list of why buying natural diamond jewelry is a good idea:

1 — Natural diamonds are a great investment: over time natural diamonds increase in value; I’ve seen this happen as a professional appraiser of jewelry and also just being in the industry for 11 years and seeing the price increases in diamonds since I first started

2 — Natural diamond jewelry can be passed down: nothing like a piece of diamond jewelry becoming an heirloom for the next generation to treasure! Have you seen a piece of jewelry that is over 100 years old and has been taken care of?  Looks just the same as it did the day it was made! Have you seen a handbag or pair of shoes that is over 100 years old? Yeah, not quite the same — dusty, usually dirty and smells slightly “musty.”

3 — So versatile: natural diamond jewelry goes with anything! Fashion-wise, diamonds can be worn day or night, for any occasion, and for any age!

4 — You pick your budget: there’s a plethora of affordable natural diamond jewelry out there, with pieces starting at just a few hundred dollars. So if you think you can’t afford natural diamonds, you totally can!  Every piece I’m about to show you is under $3200 with the least expensive being $390.

Are you totally on board with this idea?! Great, because now you might be asking yourself, “ok, but what should I buy?” That’s where I come in handy and this post will not only give you suggestions of diamond necklaces, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings and diamond rings…but will also show you how to style these exact pieces. You buying your own natural diamond jewelry is powerful — I’m rooting you on from the sidelines and declaring that you don’t need anyone to buy you things like these luxuries. You have yourself, and you can thank yourself.

Let’s get right into the jewelry:

For Me, From Me | Gem Gossip

Necklaces: A natural diamond necklace is a great purchase for yourself and with necklace layering being so popular right now, you can build upon your collection. I suggest buying tiny diamond charms for one purchase and eventually choosing bigger, bolder pieces in the future, with the intention of wearing it all together. I love a “fringe” necklace like the example I’ve chosen here — it really sets up for a balanced look. The daisy charm is simple, timeless and can be worn at any age! And finally, the lariat is totally unique and adds some sex appeal to any look.

Zoe Chicco 14k yellow gold Floating Diamond Linked Lariat, $1395

Sofia Kaman 14k yellow gold Rounded Daisy Charm Necklace, $1225

Greenwich St. Jewelers 14k rose gold Diamond Clover Necklace, $1500


For Me, From Me | Gem Gossip

Bracelets: If you’ve been following me lately, I’m sort of obsessed with bracelets at the moment. Picking out these was so fun because I think each one hits a bracelet requirement that I like to have for an ideal “wrist stack.”  Have you heard of bolo bracelets? They are bracelets that don’t have a clasp, they have a mechanism that is similar to a bolo tie that can be adjusted to fit your wrist. That is what the first bracelet is that I’m wearing in the photo! Plus, I love the mixed shapes of the diamonds! Everyone should have a diamond tennis bracelet and this one is a great example (and doesn’t break the bank).

Greenwich St. Jewelers 14k yellow gold 1.23 ctw Diamond Mini Tennis Bracelet, $3100

Sofia Kaman 14k yellow gold Diamond Cherries Bracelet, $2500

Zoe Chicco 14k yellow gold 13 Diamond Bar Bracelet, $1530

Zoe Chicco 14k yellow gold Mixed Diamond Bolo Bracelet, $1750


For Me, From Me | Gem Gossip

Rings: Stackable natural diamond rings are a great self-purchase item because you can add to your collection over time to create your ultimate look. For my diamond ring picks, I’ve chosen both dainty stackables that are unique and different than most I’ve seen, as well as some diamond statement rings. I recommend both styles as your tastes may fluctuate and I’ve also included a diamond eternity band because those are so classic and great for everyday wear.

ARK Fine Jewelry 18k yellow gold Gateways Diamond Eternity Band, $2360

ARK Fine Jewelry 18k yellow gold Small Diamond Nectar Ring, $2040

Zoe Chicco 14k yellow gold 3 Floating Diamond Dangle Ring, $560

Sofia Kaman 14k yellow gold Small Diamond Leafy Tiara Ring, $390

Greenwich St. Jewelers 18k rose gold Double Bar Cuff Ring, $1650

Sofia Kaman 14k white gold Diamond Pixie Ring, $2985


For Me, From Me | Gem Gossip


Earrings: You can’t go wrong with natural diamond earrings! I think diamond studs are on every woman’s wish list and they are on mine too!  However, instead of a typical round brilliant diamond stud earring, I’ve recommended a pair of baguette cut double-diamond studs just to be different! I also love a good hoop earring and if you love hoops too, a pair of diamond hoops are the ultimate dream item. These are “inside-out diamond hoops” meaning you can see diamonds on both the front and back curve if you’re looking at them face-on.

Zoe Chicco 14k yellow gold Graduating Discs Diamond Front Facing Hoop Earrings, $1150

Greenwich St. Jewelers 14k yellow gold Diamond Hoop Earrings, $2100

ARK Fine Jewelry 18k yellow gold Double Diamond Paris Earrings, $2000


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