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Holiday Shopping Ideas: BYLU

The holidays have a gift-giving spirit to them that only comes once a year. I thought it had something to do with the snow, but after spending my first holiday last year down south with no snow, I realized cold weather is not always necessary. I do slightly… Read More

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Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Gem Gossip Store Officially Launches Today!

Gem Gossip is super excited to be launching our Jewelry Store today–just in time for Black Friday and the holidays. Each piece is hand-picked by myself and all solid gold, real gemstones. Every item that is or will be sold is something I would wear. My… Read More

Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Motif: Fanned Rings

I was meant to grow up in the 40s and 50s.  These rings are so pretty and are proof of this statement.  I noticed a prominent similarity while browsing through pages and pages of vintage rings.  Can you spot it as well?  There seems to be a sort of… Read More

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Designer Jewelry

Frey Wille: Gem Gossip’s Pick of the Week

Frey Wille, a world renowned team of jewelry artists from Austria have taken the art of enameling to a whole new level.  Everything from the vibrant colors, to the bright 18k yellow gold–I like this look!  There are thick bands that are also a top favorite.  Above… Read More

Q & A Interviews

Q & A with InStyle’s Contributing Editor of Fine Jewelry and Watches, Marion Fasel

Some girls look up to Taylor Swift. Other women have Oprah as their role model. Some even have historical figures like Eleanor Roosevelt or Amelia Earhart to admire.   Someone I look up to?  … Read More

Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Stack of Vintage Diamond Rings on eBay

Just came across this stack of vintage diamond rings on eBay from a British seller.  Ooo heaven.  Whoever wins this lot will have some little treasures awaiting in their mailbox.  I love things like this.  … Read More