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Holiday Shopping Ideas: BYLU

bylu bylu2

The holidays have a gift-giving spirit to them that only comes once a year. I thought it had something to do with the snow, but after spending my first holiday last year down south with no snow, I realized cold weather is not always necessary. I do slightly miss it! BYLU designs jewelry that is perfect for the holidays. Each piece is a conversation starter for sure!–it’s not just a journey diamond pendant that every other wife will unwrap Christmas morning.

For example, the above initial necklaces are not only unique because they are made from 18k recycled gold, but they are also personalized–you can choose which charm you want to go along with your choice of initial.  The heart charm necklace is very interesting and a fun conversation piece.  With this necklace, you get the “9” charm which symbolizes the average weight of a heart being 9 oz. along with a stamped initial on the back of that charm.  It also has a pink tourmaline set in 18k gold dangling from a signature BYLU chain.  I love the clasp on the chain–it seems like it would be a shame to wear it tucked in the back.  

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