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Vintage Motif: Fanned Rings


I was meant to grow up in the 40s and 50s.  These rings are so pretty and are proof of this statement.  I noticed a prominent similarity while browsing through pages and pages of vintage rings.  Can you spot it as well?  There seems to be a sort of fan-like design that makes up most of the ring.  I like this look, usually done with gemstones creating the look of a fan.  Check out some my favorites that led me on to spotting this vintage motif!  


Circa 1950, this 14k white gold ring has a cultured pearl surrounded by a fanned design created by diamonds. Each diamond is European cut and totals 3/4 carats. From Ross-Simons Estate Collection and priced at $1326.



This ring from the 40s has several fan motifs going on–the sapphires, the 14k rose gold, and the three diamonds which create a mini-fan! This one is from the Ross-Simons Estate Collection, priced at $995.


This diamond ring is stunning, I love the asymmetry and of course the fan shaped design! The largest diamond is .85 carats, with 1.18 carats total. Circa 1950, 14k white gold finishes off the look. Also from Ross-Simons Estate Collection and priced at $4795.



The most affordable out of the bunch is seen here, circa 1940s. This one’s done with garnets, 14k rose and white gold, and a few diamonds. Priced at $695 from Ross-Simons Estate Collection.


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