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Gold Rush: Big Bold Gold Bracelets

With the price of gold climbing everyday, one of the smartest investments right now would be a nice, heavy gold bracelet. A perfect pick would be one that would withstand the test of time, remaining classic years from now. All the above bracelets are true examples, and I’ve picked… Read More

Designer Jewelry

Eye-catching Gemstone & Color Combinations

As of late, my favorite aspects of jewelry that I enjoy spotting are insanely unique gemstone combinations or different color combinations. We all say that we like jewelry that is “unique.” Well, the word unique doesn’t always mean the same thing to everyone. To me, unique means that it is… Read More

Designer Jewelry

Verdura: Master Jeweler

  I am really excited about the batch of jewelry books I ordered using some gift cards I received over the holidays. The first book that has been on my list for awhile is called Verdura: The Life and Work of a Master Jeweler… Read More

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Obsession: Emerald Cut Green Tourmaline Ring

I’ve often wondered how big is too big when it comes to rings–especially for someone with tiny hands like myself. But when you see a picture like this, it makes you want to have your very own rectangular rock–like a green tourmaline one. Ever look at… Read More

Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Art Deco Decadence is Decking the Halls

Happy Holidays from Gem Gossip!  The top Art Deco ruby and diamond ring is from Lang Antiques, price: $6450.  The next ring is from Art Deco Diamonds, price: $7500.  The sapphire and… Read More

Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Updates from Walton’s Antique Jewelry

Make sure to stop on over and visit Walton’s Antique Jewelry–whether you check out the website or make a trip to downtown Franklin, Tennessee–you will be mesmerized by all of the eye candy.  I have been updating the website’s blog with photos and news.  Like how Walton’s is continuing… Read More