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Antique & Vintage Jewelry

My Jewel Box: Diamond Stacker & Intaglio Ring

Christmas came early for me, well it was forced to be early since California and Tennessee are ridiculously far a part. The tiny blue and gold plate was purchased while antiquing in Nashville last week. My boyfriend got me the 14k white gold stacker ring with tiny diamonds–he picked… Read More

Designer Jewelry

Unconventional Bracelets from ML Brown Inc.

Statement necklaces were fun in 2009–but 2010 needs a new jewelry trend.  I say, statement bracelets!  A solid definition goes something like this: a large bracelet, cuff or bangle that is slightly on the unconventional side.  ML Brown Inc. has three bracelets that fit exactly what I am… Read More

Designer Jewelry

Designer Spotlight: C Greene

C Greene first caught my eye when browsing Broken English‘s assortment of jewelry.  Everything that appealed to me had a flowery motif, and it happened to be all by the same jewelry designer–C Greene.  It just so happens that flowers are C Greene’s main inspiration… Read More

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Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Glimpse into the Past: Huge Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Dolores Costello was a gorgeous beauty, and received most of her known acting roles during the era of “silent movies.” Upon seeing this huge emerald cut diamond ring on her finger, I think anyone could be anything but silent! I have been more and more intrigued by… Read More

Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Paris Hotel Boutique’s Newest Arrivals

Paris Hotel Boutique is one to keep on a list called “check frequently.” The website is always fun to check out and browse the latest hand-picked finds. I am always partial to the jewelry, however every category is easy to love, especially if you love all things antique. Read More


Jewelry Inspiration Board III

{Inspirations this week come from the past & present: Rago Arts Auction was this past Sunday, my bid on this lot was Destroyed (with a capital d), I needed this Black, Starr, Frost & Gorham platinum tank watch with… Read More