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Paris Hotel Boutique’s Newest Arrivals

Paris Hotel Boutique is one to keep on a list called “check frequently.” The website is always fun to check out and browse the latest hand-picked finds. I am always partial to the jewelry, however every category is easy to love, especially if you love all things antique. The newest arrivals would all make perfect gifts, and I think everyone else feels the same–everytime I check back, more and more items are sold! I love these two new arrivals, vintage rings (I blinked and the agate ring was sold!)


Some great filigree work done on this ring, in 10k yellow and white gold. This ring features a crest of some sort, on a blue stone. Size is 6.5 and price is $250


This ring immediately was my favorite when I checked out the new arrivals. Yesterday it was priced at $285, now today it has sold! And no wonder, it is a beautiful green agate intaglio done in 14k rose gold. That deep green with rose gold is so pretty!