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Unconventional Bracelets from ML Brown Inc.

Statement necklaces were fun in 2009–but 2010 needs a new jewelry trend.  I say, statement bracelets!  A solid definition goes something like this: a large bracelet, cuff or bangle that is slightly on the unconventional side.  ML Brown Inc. has three bracelets that fit exactly what I am thinking.  Materials like leather, diamonds, cabochon gems, and onyx bangles are my favorites.  

MLBrown2 This large, wide leather cuff is glitzed up with this 1.07 carat diamond clip. It is neat because the diamond clip can come off and be used as a hair clip. What I love most about this cuff is the color of the leather–a spicy burgundy color. Done in 18k white gold and can be found on 1st dibs. MLBrown Sleek onyx bangles are perfect for all types of looks and occasions–the 18k white gold branches add the little uniqueness this bangle needs. There is one carat worth of diamonds on this bracelet. This one can be found at 1st dibs as well, from ML Brown Inc. MLBrown3 Another great leather cuff from ML Brown Inc. is this one. Black leather, 18k white gold and diamonds–great compliment to any leather bomber jacket. This one has diamond clips that can be removed and used as hair clips as well. Found at 1st dibs.